Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back from Vegas

Had a wonderful trip to Vegas to help Almost Grown celebrate her 23rd birthday. It was just the two of us and we decided that our mission would be to eat our way through Las Vegas at all our favorite spots. However, there are just so many meals and snacks you can fit into 2 days! Boy, am I full!

I got to Nevada before AG, since she had to work, and I need to be supported in my old age. This gave me time to spend with 2 of my favorite people, Awesome Ann and Outrageous Angie. First up, breakfast with Awesome Ann:

This is Ann outside the IHOP where we hang and eat nothing of redeeming value. We gab the whole time and cover everything with syrup, but since she's a dance teacher, she looks like this... and, well, I don't!

This is Ann's cute Thunderbird, with my rented very dark grey Cadillac in the background. I mean, seriously! Do you know how hot it gets in a dark car with black leather interior, in Las Vegas, in August??? What moron buys these cars to rent here??

About two hours after breakfast, I had a lunch date with Outrageous Angie. At the Cheesecake Factory! Where she ordered cheesecake for us to have as an appetizer!

See?? We're saving some for dessert too!

This is Angie with her new fireman's wiener! Yes, she is the one I was making him for. I hope her husband Jim doesn't divorce her over it!

Angie has a thing for firemen... and their wieners!!

Oh look! There I am with Angie at the Cheesecake Factory! She made our waiter take the pictures, and we kept screwing them up or closing our eyes or whatever. Hi, Angie! Thanks again for lunch!!

Almost Grown got in that night and we crashed immediately. The next day it was back to the IHOP for breakfast and then shopping at the Fashion Show Mall on the Vegas Strip. Truth be told, we were really there for the California Pizza Kitchen, so after we pretended to shop a bit, we stopped into the restaurant for BBQ chicken pizza and salad.

Back at the hotel, AG wanted me to color her hair a darker reddish color for the fall and winter. I don't think she's quite impressed with the job I did. Could it be the large blond patch at the back of her head?? We redid it and fixed the problem the next day, not to worry.

She considered the Cousin It style, but we were finally able to arrange it so we could have her birthday dinner at Benihana's.

I like the color!

She was determined to eat everything at dinner, even though the pizza had just hit bottom!

She did a pretty good job of it!

A little time playing the slot machines,

and then we collected out car so she could go hang out with some high school friends.

Yikes! I know those weren't there 23 years ago on the day she was born!!

And even though we spend a good deal of our time together eating or lying on the bed with our pants unbuttoned, we did manage to do a few other things, like make a couple of trips to Joann's to fondle the fabric and squeeze the yarn!


And so a good time was had by all and I am safely back at home on the farm, with the armadillo guts, dog hair, a sweet husband and a large pile of laundry!


Celticspirit said...

The fattening dessert, the weiner, the cleavage.....who in the he** is this person who I thought was so innocent??? ;)hahaha
I'm glad you had a good time.

SigmaKappaGirl said...

Thank you for putting a picture of my sister's boobs online....I do enjoy that! I love you mommy, even if you are a little weirdo :)

angie said...

I've been having dreams about that piece of cheesecake we had! And you had to love eating it first, then salads because we're watching our girlish figures and then back to the cheesecake to finish it off! Now that's how all meals should be set up. Forget the whole soup and salad thing before an entree.

And it was great seeing you too. You look wonderful and vibrant. Or was it the joy of being away from mulch, armadillos, weeds and other such TN stuff? And oh, how I love my 'hot dog.' Didn't want my hubby to know the whole fireman's weiner thing so I went with the 'hot dog' story!

Marcia said...

OMG! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. You are too much! (Keep it up)

Penny said...

So glad you had a good time eating and fondling your way around Vegas Lisa!

Celticspirit said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to add, your daughter looks pretty and so do you!

Lisa said...

Thanks gals! Barb, I just realized that my photo with Angie reminds me of the ones of you on your blog! Except that I lack that sultry peaceful look you have!

Thalia said...

Did you really have to put the cleavage shot on the internet for the world to see? Don't enough people see my boobs already?? You've a change way Mother. I love you and I had a fabulous time in Vegas with you!! XOXOX