Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beautiful Autumn Afternoon

What a gorgeous day, today! Upper 70's, light breeze, and plenty of sun! I could go for many days like this one!

But, Autumn is on it's way: The trees are starting to change colors,

Some of the trees are raining leaves down already!

Stud Muffin had the day off and helped me with the Never-Ending-Weeding Project, this time on the far side of the driveway.

Shrubs! Who knew!

We weeded, laid cardboard, and moved mulch, until we ran out of cardboard... again! And there is still more to go.

But the mulch pile IS shrinking! Before:


Cr*p! Forgot to go wide angle again!

The vegetable garden is starting to wind down. The basil is flowering and going to seed. I'm going to let it and collect the seeds for next year!

The cucumbers just won't give up,

but the grasshoppers have all but stripped the beans! And the "stuffing" peppers are going gangbusters, but they are still only the size of golfballs. Maybe I should pick them and learn to play the game!

The marigolds still look good!

I have been working in my studio, cutting down some sheer curtains for the windows (it's only been... mmm...a year and a half?) Nothing to show on that front, but I have gotten four log carriers listed in the shop.

Studly, my hand model!

Hey! If you gotta do the work, you might as well look good doing it!!

And that's all tonight from Feet First Farm!


Anonymous said...

He he he! Daddy has a purse :)

Anonymous said...

S. Muffin here... And I look FABULOUS with that "purse" too!!! By the way, your Mom is doing a wonderful job with the landscaping and it is looking great.

MarmiteToasty said...

Your garden is still beautiful...... the only summer plant that I hate with a passion is MARIGOLDS lol..... dam marigolds.... :)

The log bags are superb.....

Wish I was there to help you....

Me and me brother use to have a grasshopper farm, well it was a a wooden crate with a plastic sheet and the grasshoppers died cos we didnt feed them but the thought was there lol


Celticspirit said...

Just stopping by to say Hello! I love all your pictures and the bags are really neat. It looks like you have had a very successful year with your garden. I like your pantry too...it's really starting to fill up and is that diet coke I see in there?????That's ok, I'm sitting here drinking one right now...and it's a large one from the gas station down the road. Bad me...Well wishing you much peace and happiness and hope you have a good weekend.

Lisa said...

Marmy ~ Thanks for the love! I don't like marigolds either, but they help keep the bugs from the tomatoes, so I planted some. They did better than I expected!

Barb ~ I have had a successful garden this year, and I'm tickled by my pantry! No, that is not DIET Coke you see, but Studly's Coke he takes in his lunch to work! But I am still drinking DC, just not quite as much!!