Thursday, September 18, 2008

Livin' in a small town ... and lovin' it!

Just popping in to say how great it is to live in a small town. Where else can you leave the house, and in 30 minutes, have:

Driven to town on roads through corn and cotton fields (with occasional cows meandering about)

Parked in front of the courthouse and renewed a car registration (County Clerk Johnny was sitting reading a magazine!)

Courthouse with ample street parking in front.

Popped over to the post office to mail the new car sticker to the Not Quite Grown owner,

And still made it to your doctor's appointment with time to spare??

Where else can you:

Waltz (and I do this a lot) right into the examine room and see the doctor,

Drive two blocks to the pharmacy to drop off a new prescription,

Drive two more blocks to McDonald's for a really healthy lunch and Diet Coke,

And by the time you get back to the pharmacy, your prescription is all ready bagged and waiting... and only costs $5?!?!

Livin' large in a small town!! *Sigh of contentment*


Wendy said...

Sounds wonderful!

There's no McDonald's in my "small" town, but we do have Lisa's Pizza! It's the best pizza in town (and the ONLY place to go during the winter ... down by the Pier :).

MarmiteToasty said...

Your main roads are so different from ours...... with your HUGE McD signs, over here they are NOT allowed to do that lol and most are surrounded by pretty hedges with the sign no higher then the McD building.... and the carparking area is also hidden away behind hedges lol..... cos we think these fast food places are UGLY lol.... the only time they are sort of open surrounded by carparks is when they are situationed in an out of town shopping place where there are those big electrical/computer/ToysRUs shops, but even then the whole complex is carefully tucked away behind hedges and trees, cos they are such an eyesore.......

I LOVE the old doodle buildings though...... I wonder if I will ever get me dream and get to live in the states...... I doubt it now LOL