Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goodies from a broad abroad

I was having just a so-so day today. There was a painter here doing some touch-up work (and will have to come again tomorrow...sigh) and I was busy making some stupid mistakes on some projects in my studio. Then I walked to the mailbox and the clouds parted, the woodland critters frolicked, and I thought I heard the angels sing!

In the mailbox was a parcel wrapped in brown waxy paper, dotted with pink polka-dots (some decorated as snails or smiley faces) bearing postage from the Royal Mail. Royal Mail! Can you believe it? Not the usual Royal Pain in the *ss mail.

I got some great goodies from the world famous Marmite Toasty. Just looky!

It doesn't even all fit in the photo!

I so love the chocolate theme of this gift! What we have here is a calculator in the shape (and smell) of a chocolate bar!!

A knitted chocolate bar for emergencies! Marmy, did you knit this yourself?? Great!

A liquified Cadbury bar, which is regaining it's composure and turgidity (that's a word, right?) in the fridge until I can't stand it anymore and go bite it! Oh, and everything was wrapped in neat brown tissue printed with dragonflies!

Some cool postcards from the villages surrounding hers, as well as a local newspaper. I will have to read that carefully to find the police blotter noting all the high-jinx Marmy has been up to. Not pictured is a cute little keychain of a man with floppy legs and a British flag on his chest.

Thank you so much Marmy! This really perked me up!! And will continue to do so as soon as I eat that candy bar!

Everyone should run on over to Marmy's blog for her Marmite goodies giveaway! If you fancy a jar of something that tastes like toe jam, plus other edibles (?) with the same flavor (?) go there and enter to win!!

Also up today is the first basket of green beans from the garden!

And to end this post, a few gratuitous photos of me working the tractor yesterday.

Coming out of the woods after mowing.

Have a good night!


MarmiteToasty said...

I SOoooo glad the little parcel arrived..... I did wonder about the chocolate bar and if it would melt LOL see we dont have and nonsense over here with things melting.... just shove it in the fridge and it will of lost its shape but NOT its taste lol....

I take it the little English man got broken in transit? :) he was rattling around a bit lol....

Oh my YOU get to drive a tractor, I would be in me element.... you is a hard working jammy git LMFAO....

much love to you...... mega chufted the parcel arrived so quick...


Lisa said...

Not to worry about the chocolate bar... it tastes great! Double choc...yum!

The little man is just fine, he just has those string legs that dangle. Everyone needs something a that dangles on a man!!

And for your information... the tractor is MINE! Studly doesn't drive it at all! Did you notice my chocolate shirt I was wearing? Has periodic table elements that spell choc and it says, "Better living through chemistry."

Thank you again for the goodies. I bet the polka-dots got it special handling from the postal system!

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are mommy! I'm sure my dogs would love to help you eat that chocolate...but none for them!

Not Quite Grown

PS. When I turn 21 in 5 months, will I turn into A Little More Grown? Or maybe, Still Growing. Or even, I'm A Big Girl Now? Just a thought...

Lisa said...

Baby ~ I'm liking "I'm a Big Girl Now." I do think you will need a new name when you turn 21.