Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wot?? No television???

We have been having a crisis here... regarding the television! Our 1 1/2 year old tv has decided that it doesn't like turning on. Push the button and the fan starts and the power light blinks green. But nothing else. No picture, no sound. *Sigh*

Call Sony and the customer service people don't know what that flashing light means, but suggest that I unplug the set from the power outlet. Yeah. It's a large set, perfectly fit into a huge display unit and I'm alone, with my canine helpers. Eventually, I was able to move the tv, squish myself behind it, and unplug it. I plugged it back in, following the instructions of Sony and it worked!! For that day.

Photo by jek in the box.

The long and the Sony of it is that we need a service guy to come and take a look. Maybe they will have an authorized service outfit for me to call tomorrow. Don't know how long it will take to actually get service.

The good news is that for once, we bought the extended warrantee. If they can't fix the set, they get to buy us a new one. And they don't make our (less than two year old) model any more.

Photo by Lee Bennett.

The bad news is, it took me 2 hours to get the set turned on last time, so it's not going off until the service man comes out. It's very weird waking up to the glow of the Weather Channel at 4 AM. However, if any of you know Stud Muffin, you'd understand how ugly it could get if he didn't get to watch tv after work or... *gasp*... FOOTBALL!

In other boring news, I am still making pickles from the cukes in the garden. So far, I have bread and butter pickles, kosher dill, and now curry pickles, which are really yum! Going to have to come up with some more ideas, since the cucumbers aren't going to give up soon. The new bean plants are getting blossoms, so there should be a nice crop. I've also been drying my homegrown apples, and will have pictures soon!

And you knew that more dogs were in the works! This is

All Pork Wiener!

With removable pig nose!

And... Cap-POOCH-ino!!

His eyes aren't really crooked, he's just a little dazed from all the coffee!

This collection is getting quite large, so I'm thinking about listing them on Etsy sometime soon. I'm also working (read: thinking inside my pea-sized brain) about some other gift collections to list there before Christmas. Mostly, I think about it while pulling weeds to distract myself from the endless nature of the weed-pulling project!!

Other than that, I have been noticing the season changing a bit. The mornings are cool, some of the leaves are starting to turn color, and flocks of geese have flown by, much to the delight of the dogs! Oh, and no more armadillo sightings!! Yeah!!


sarah @ a beach cottage said...

love the dogs


MarmiteToasty said...

Our last telly lasted 20 years lmfao, it was only 3 years ago I needed to buy a new one, and then realised just how OLD FASHIONED our other one was lol...... me lads all have them new fangled flat screens in their bedrooms.... but I do not have one in my bedroom, I prefer to read...

I LOVE them little dogs and my goodness you have some well brill material....... your material in the states is mostly half the price to what ours is here, I looked whilst over last year and was so suprised at the prices, I now wish I had bought case loads.... I did go on a doodle material/fabric/sewing thingie site a few days ago and all the material there was beautiful AND HALF the price of over here..... ITS NOT FAIR lol....

Stick them dogs on etsy and I most certainly will buy one :)

Dam, I have so much catching up to do on everyones blobs.... I might have to smash me telly and burn me books so I have to turn the computer on lol...

Went to a campfire in the New Forest Last night.... wish you was there with me and me maties, we laffed until the tears rolled....