Monday, October 6, 2008

A Noid

Anybody remember the Domino's ad campaign with the bunny-eared guy trying to thwart the Domino's delivery guy? The campaign was "Avoid the Noid."

Photo from somewhere on the innernet.

Well, today I am A Noid... err... spelled Annoyed!! And I'm not talking about Domino's. It was/is just one of those days! And yes, my eyes do look like that!

It started at 2:30 AM when Nick, who spends all of his pee-pee time before bed running zig-zags around the yard instead of tending to urinary business, finally decided he had "to go."

Then I couldn't go back to sleep, so I surfed the afore-mentioned innernet until 4 AM. I felt like this:

Photo by Aeioux.

My neck was stiff when I rolled out of bed (again) and so I decided to skip the yard work for today and run my errands early. Why can't the shirt laundry remember to put itself in the car and not let me drive away without it?? That was one of my main errands.

Photo by grebo guru.

I live off of a long country road (read: winding and narrow street) but managed today to get behind a Fedora-head and his two dogs in an impossible old Buick. Maximum sustained speed: 30 mile per hour. I "had" to blow his doors off at the first available sorta-wide spot in the road. His car looked kinda like this:

Photo by tymora42.

The ladies at Walmart (sorry Barb!) got together and decided to have some fun with me, directing me to different furthest-corners-of-the-store to find those dehumidifier crystals for closets, all the while knowing that they probably didn't carry that product, and frankly, they didn't know what they were... or care!

Photo by presta.

Hope you had a good laugh, ladies!

The forgotten shirt laundry DID NOT jump out of the car as I passed the cleaners and check themselves in for a wash and starching! Irritating!

The Walgreen's in town advertised that you could make an appointment for a flu shot on any day, but our Pharmacist hasn't received his license yet, so who know when that will happen.

I stopped at the other Walmart in town to get 7-Up for Studly, instead of the Sprite that I bought at the first store, except that he doesn't like Sprite and this Walmart didn't have any 7-Up except Diet, which just won't do!! Another 6 miles walked today!

Decided I had had it for the day and headed home. Got stuck behind another ancient man and his ancient car on another long and narrow road. Maximum sustained speed: 25 miles per hour. Blew his doors off too, and would have "mooned" him to boot, but that was physically impossible without driving off the road, and then he would have passed me and been in front again.

Photo by *hiro008.

He probably looked like this, but I was busy trying to pull my pants down without driving into the river!

My grandmother always said, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything." Well, she didn't know about blogging and I say, "If I have to be annoyed by the humans around me, I am going to share the pain, good person that I am!"

You're welcome!


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could scrounge me up a dress from the 20s or 30s? I think I want to go vintage for Halloween!! Could be cute if I can get my hair to behave. Let me know!! Love you lots!!

Almost Grown

Catty Ax Lady said...

You so sound like me, except that I have a baby to blame, lol...what's your excuse?!?! Next time you're up at that time of night (er, morning), you should call me...I'm always up!

angie said...

Here's my motto which is a bit different than grandma's: 'if you can't say something nice about someone, i want to hear it!'

Tomorrow, stay home, put your feet up and let Studmeister run around for you.