Wednesday, October 15, 2008

::30:: Day 8

Note to myself. I say that a lot these days. Like when a frog jump out of the mulch this morning and I screamed like a banshee and hopped around like I was on a bed of hot coals.

The dogs jumped into action.

Okay, Nick jumped into action. Sassy took the opportunity to scatter the cardboard.

Notice where Nick the Frog Hunter is, and where Sassy the cardboard disturber is!

Note to self: Don't turn your back when there is frog hunting going on, or you may find that your savior has bitten the amphibian and is now foaming at the mouth!

Yuck, pooey! *Spit, spit*

Sassy thinks Nick is strange!

This is the little notebook and mini pen I made myself awhile ago. I call it a Thought Jotter. I will probably have a few in the shop soon. I've already made a couple out of the Cocktail Wiener martini glass fabric!

Anyway, it is small: there is a quarter for size comparison. Well, actually it is a coin from the United Arab Emirates, which is odd since I've never been there. But it is about the same size as a quarter.

I would like to think that carrying it in my purse and actually using it is a sign that I am finally getting organized in my advancing age. More likely, it is a sign that at my advancing age, I need to write stuff down to remember to do them! Mostly I use it for shopping lists, or the cartridge number for printer ink, or occasionally to remind me where I need to stop along the way.

Note to self: Take the stinky trash to the dump since you forgot last time!

Ride?!? The dogs love a good ride to the dump in the pickup truck!! Okay, but first I need a shower.

Note to self: Don't brush out your long hair before washing while standing naked in front of the mirror! Invariably, you will comb through a tangle, the brush will shoot out of your rat's nest of hair, and you will end up brushing the naked Girls! Then you will have the privilege of watching your face (and booby) turn red and you will utter such words as to embarrass the saltiest of sailors!

While tempted to sooth and protect the injured Lady Lumps with stick-on feminine pads, I settled for a cool shower and shampoo.

And off we went:

My little helpers!

Home again to do laundry and (*sigh*) keep working on the fermented fruit barf stain.

Note to self: When hanging laundry on the line outdoors, look carefully for poo piles under the line. Also, beware of falling walnuts! Those sucker hurt, and can cause you to jump and step in aforementioned poo piles.

Really, there are so many things I could and should write down it that little book, like this:

Note to self: You feeble-minded Minnie the Mulcher, you totally forgot your blogiversary last week! And you MUST have a giveaway after everyone has spent a whole year reading your random brain farts!

So, I don't know what exactly will be in this giveaway, but probably a Thought Jotter and some other stuff! All you have to do is leave a comment, telling me (and everyone else reading the comments!) what kind of lists you make, if any! I think we will leave this open until Sunday afternoon, and will draw a winner, if I can remember to do so!

Note to self: Remember to do blogiversary drawing on Sunday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Please tell my puppy that he isn't allowed to eat frogs anymore. Its icky!

Anonymous said...

The issue I see with writing everything down is the one my boss struggles with. He writes everything in a nice fancy bound notebook and is comforted thinking he doesn't have to remember anything...Then he loses the book!

I have been on more "lost book hunts" as his Executive Assistant that have cost me hours during the work day that I wish he would just quit with the writing everything down already!

P.S. This was a very timely blog b/c he informed by just today that he has LOST HIS BOOK AGAIN!


Eternal Sunshine said...

I make lists of things that my kids say so that I can remember them to post on my blog. I have sticky notes everywhere, with random kids sayings...

Celticspirit said...

Did the poor froggie bite the dust?
Cute notebook and pen thingy.
Lady Lumps and stick on pads? Haha....that's too funny!

Lisa said...

SigmaKappaGirl ~ Yeah, we already had that talk! Didn't work too good.

MYS ~ That is a real problem! I don't write EVERYTHING down, and I keep the book in my purse, so that hasn't happened to me yet!

Eternal Sunshine ~ Welcome! And I love your sticky note idea! I always wanted to keep a journal when my girls were little, but it never took off! Just note the journaling type, I guess!

Barb ~ The frog bit the dust, or is a very good actor!! I think it was already dead when I took those pictures, because it never moved as Nick rolled it around!

barefoot gardener said...

Lists, lists, everywhere there are lists.

I make lists all night long. Lists of all the things I want to do, of all the things I need to remember, of all the plans I make.

Unfortunately, I use up all my energy making the lists and never actually accomplish anything!

Marcia said...

I feel guilty when I spend time in my sewing room, so I make a list of house chores to complete before I have some "off" time in my room.
I hardly ever go to the grocery without a list either.

Happy blogiversary

Catty Ax Lady said...

Ew...froggy puppy breath...that's got to be the worst.

I write *everything* down. Literally. My problem is that I have several (read: about a gazillion) notebooks scattered all through the house, car, even work (and I haven't been there in 6 weeks!!). So I'll note something in my one-of-a-bazillion notebooks, go back to look at it later, completely remember writing it down, and competely forgetting which notebook it's written in!!

So, I am a goddess at writing everything down. I suck at letting it help me.

MarmiteToasty said...

Wow you could make scrummie dishes of Toad-in-the-Hole but using frogs instead :) see, a free supply of grub....

LOL@you hair brushing accident lmfao....

I to dont write nuffin down, its all in me head, jebus help this house if I should die, they would have to scan me brain to get all the information out lol