Wednesday, October 29, 2008

::30:: Day 22

Today is Wednesday. So far, each day this week has been altered by a unexpected need. Monday was determined by the replacement of the flat tire. Tuesday was spent in the car for 5 + hours doing a round trip to Nashville for some RV related stuff. Unfortunately, that was the closest dealership to us.

And today started with Stud Muffin reporting that the toilet in his office above the garage was leaking and he didn't know how long it had been running. So, instead of working outside first thing, I ran my errands (really fast) in order to be home "in case" the plumber's help could get out here. They finally called at about 1:30 PM. *Sigh*

But they came, they saw, they fixed. And now I have a fan running to dry up the water that escaped under the baseboard in the hopes of avoiding the dreaded "mold."

Other than that, I worked on some projects around here. Nothing very interesting, except for a wedding gift that is woefully (great word!) late. Well, it's not late yet, but I know it will be!

This WILL be a crocheted Hawaiian "feather" headband. The crocheting part is done, now I have to twist it around properly and thread the kukui nuts on the ends. It is intended to go around a wedding portrait, but can also be worn as a headband or hatband.

In the yard, I continued weeding and had the privilege of wrecking two ant hills (Yipee!) I also disposed of the frozen basil and shut off the water to the garden for the season. I hope not to have to replace PVC like I did this year!

Dinner is waiting for Stud Muffin's arrival from work and consists of a small roast of pork (none for Marmy!) roasted vegetables (for me), mashed potatoes for him, and gravy. If you look closely, you'll see how little the roast is compared to the potato wedges!

Gosh! How blurry are these pictures?

Potatoes boiling before the ritualistic mashing.

Later: Studly is home, and dinner was eaten. The roast was declared a winner! Yeah!

Hope everyone has a good night!

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MarmiteToasty said...

Just a tip LMFAO...... if you cut up ya spuds SMALLER before boiling them for ya mash, they wont take so long to cook AND ya will be saving energy at the same time lol

The featherly thing looks real pretty.... waiting with baited breath to see the finished item....

:) I LOVE roast (except pork of course) and crispy roasty spuds.... dam its only half past 8 in the morning but how you have me hungry lol