Friday, October 31, 2008

::30:: Day 24

The one with all the porches. Just for Marmy, who has been weeing herself at the thought of traveling the USA in an RV... ASAP. Just to sit on porches. Hey, maybe we can have some kind of competition with the winner getting a visit from Marmy on her trip through the States! Anyone in??

Okay, so since she showed interest in my porches (sadly, not Porsches,) I thought I would tempt her with some more eye candy! *Snort* Yeah, right!! Well anyway, Marm, here they are.

This is the front porch as seen from the drive.

And here from closer to the front door.

That's my studio in the background.

Guarding the door, and scaring the peewad out of delivery men is our Golden Boy buddha that we brought back from Singapore.

This is not a good picture of the studio, but there it is. Ignore the dog-wiping towel hanging on the railing!

On one side of little studio porch are two teak rocking chairs (also from Singapore) that I spend lots of time oiling in Spring, but rarely sit in.

On the other side, is a teak elephant bed, that when covered with a pad and loaded down with pillows, is used to ride on the backs of elephants. Notice the curve of base designed to fit the arch of the elephant's back. Also notice my wooden chickens, since I don't have any real ones.

I've been here two summers, and have made very slow progress on the fabric covered pad for the bed! The first year, I got the foam. Period. This year, I got the batting and the muslin on it, but waffled about the decorative fabric long enough that I didn't do anything else. So, next year is the year!!

Yesterday, I showed a portion of the back porch, like this.

What you didn't see is the side of that same porch with all the junk stored on it!

This is one longggg porch at 60 feet long, or somewhere over 18 meters for some of us! I can only be expected to keep one end relatively tidy, I have to junk up someplace!!

And lest you think I squandered my entire day thinking about porches, I worked on tidying Steve the Shed today, as well. I want Marmy to have a nice place to stay when she stops by! There is no way I was going to show you the "before", but here is in "in progress."

I got the hoses sorted out a bit but still need to work on the shelves.

And finally, while there is no porch on Steve, the is a ramp for gimps, and a view of the house. See? You'll have plenty of privacy for pickin' yer nose or paintin' yer toes when you visit.

Wish you were here!

Oh! It's Halloween! Well, here is my scary photo, taken by Stud Muffin last night. He's sitting right next to me, and this is the best he can do?!?

Me knitting with my extra chins helping! Thanks, Honey!


MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE THEM ALL OF THEM and dam you even have a bloody porch on your studio :).... fanks for the tour...... your places is just gorgeous.....

I can now go to bed, cos its almost midnight here, and dream of porches and steve and ramps and knitting chins......... love ya girl :)


MarmiteToasty said...

ps.... even though you doodles do not have proper tiled roofs....I LOVE the colour of your non tiled roof..... just love it.. shit, I just love the whole house the porch the studio the garden the veggie plot the trees the dogs the ditches the mulch....... lol


Lisa said...

Well, yes, Marmy, we will never have a proper tiled or thatched roof, but I'm loving my green metal one! Actually, I have two roofs since the house came with a shingled one and we had the metal put right over it. It ought to last longer than the rest of the house!!

If there had only been the metal roof, you would have heard loverly plinking sounds when it rains! As it is, I can hear plinking in the chimney instead!

So, does this mean that I will be one of your stops when you hit the shores of the USA??

MarmiteToasty said...

:) I would like to hope so....... Ive touched ground in Wisconson, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampster :) and landed in Detroit which I think is another state and also in Chicargo :) within the last 3 years.... so maybe time to travel to other parts :)

Shingles are what we call loads of pebbles on the beach lmfao, I think what you call shingles are little squares of shed roofing felt lmfao.... :) oh the rain on an old tin roof, sounds like a song to me lol