Tuesday, October 21, 2008

::30:: Day 14

I know many of you have seen this already, and I am not trying to bash anyone here, but you gotta take your funnies where you can get them!

You gotta admit, it's pretty funny!

Well, Stud Muffin goes back to work tomorrow, and maybe I will quit being such a total bum! It's not that he "kept" me from geting things done, it's just that it is soooo easy not to do anything productive or domestic when he's home. Yeah! I like that story!!

The dogs keep wondering why we don't spend hours outside each morning pulling weeds. They must think we are stoopid 'cus they run over looking at us, then run to the door squeaking and the cycle repeats until we send them into the backyard for some quiet.

So the only thing productive that got done today was taking the truck to town for a bath. I helped. I'm a big helper with the drying.

Then we went to Olive Garden for lunch.

Oh, first we went to PetSmart for dog food and Walmart for bread, and on the way home I figured that we spent more for the 40 pound bag of dog food than for the lunch out and the bread!

Aren't you glad you asked??


Marcia said...

That is funny!

I know what you mean, I just don't get as much done around the house when my hubby is home either.

Bitterbetty said...

this was super good for a giggle: