Saturday, October 11, 2008

::30:: Day 4

Welcome to Saturday!! I had a kinda a slow day... okay! I was a bum!!

I decided to pass on weeding today, 'cus, I just didn't feel like it! These are the tree rings I put in yesterday.

Poor sad peach tree is struggling.

Now I need to mulch them!

I put rings around 4 trees yesterday and need to get the parts to do the other 10.

I ran some errands (got potatoes and such) and filled Stud Muffin's little car up for $2.88 a gallon! Terrific price, but 1/3 of the pumps were already empty of regular unleaded, and mine was running v.e.r.y. slow -o-o!

Once home, I ran the Spot-Bot again on the worst of the doggie barf spots.

Notice the nasty vacuumed up water in the tank on the left!! And this is after I did this yesterday AND ran the big hot-water carpet cleaner! Yuck!!

Pretty well grossed out, I needed fresh air, so mowed the back and one side yard. Well, there wasn't much grass to cut, but the leaves got a good mulching! Plus, I got to run over a couple of ant hills and put the hurt on them for once!! Bwahahaha!!

And then I wasted a lot of time on my computer game, with a break to feed and run the dogs around outside. Nick has to check for lizards and crickets on every tree trunk.

Sassy just wants to play with her toys. Excuse me!! I should have said she wants to WORK! She takes it very seriously.

Nick protects Sassy and me from wild stober, and to his credit, I have never once been attacked by these mythical creatures of my husband's mind!

I checked out my lettuce bed, and found some little seedlings!

But, I found 2 grasshoppers too, so tomorrow, I will put a row cover on to keep the bugs out!


Anonymous said...

gramma Toni here------please Ma'am what is a stober?????

Anonymous said...

and a wild one at that------are there tame ones???

Lisa said...

MIL ~ I figured you are the one that told Studly about stober, because whenever I'm heading out into the woods, he wants me to take a gun in case of "wild stober."

I think once they are domesticated, stober turn into garden gnomes. Yeah! That's it! They turn into garden gnomes! I don't have any gnomes, 'cus all the stober on my property are still wild!!

Catty Ax Lady said...

I want a spotbot SO bad!!! My jealous is showing.