Friday, October 17, 2008

::30:: Day 10

Even less to report today. Stud Muffin and I spent the entire day getting the Turd down into Mississippi for some repair work, including this window that fogs up.

It is also the emergency escape window in case...well... of emergency!

See the moisture?

Studly drove the Turd and I drove the the getaway car and navigated with GPS. He has a system in the coach, too, and it is amazing how wrong they both were!

Along the way, we past many "interesting" towns in MS. My favorites include Guntown, Booneville, Thrasher, and Biggersville. It's no wonder people make fun of those who call MS their home. "Hey! I'm a redneck and I live in Guntown, what's it to ya?"

Along the way, I put in phone call to Catty Ax Lady since I thought it was nicer than sending a bag of doggie barf, as I threatened to do. I have never spoken to her before IRL, and didn't want to intrude, but she disappeared from the blogisphere. Knowing that the new baby had a few problems at birth, I was worried after my email went unanswered.

Turns out, everyone is fine, but she is understandably sleep-deprived, the baby is colicky, and the whole family is descending for the children's christening this weekend. Well, if that's ALL that has been going on, I guess I can understand! LOL Hope all goes well, Catty, and you get some sleep soon!!

My GPS kept telling me to get off the highway and follow little Mississippi back roads. I wouldn't and the system would reluctantly recalculate. The major problem I had was when it told me that my destination was on the right and the guidance system was finished. Problem: I was on bridge crossing over a river! Sure! I'll hang a right and drive off bridge and hope to find the dealership under the bridge with the trolls!

Stud Muffin's system had a conniption when he merged onto the highway using the off-ramp. It said he wasn't on any known road, was probably in a cow field somewhere and it kept telling him to make a u-turn. Make the next legal u-turn.

Photo by Pay Leahy.

You passed the u-turn! TURN AROUND YOU MORON!!

After dropping the coach off, we stopped at Sonic for lunch before hitting road again. I ordered my usual Toaster cheeseburger, the usual way. I got something different. When I sent it back, with instructions to put ON the advertised BBQ sauce, and leave OUT the unwanted and unstated Mayo, I was informed that they had changed the sandwich. So, next time I am to specify the actual way I want it! I informed the little gal that they need to change the sign. Hrumf!

So we are finally home now, with our feet up. I'm pretty sure the people at Sonic put something else funky in my burger since I complained, 'cause I don't feel so good. Dinner will be... not much! Blech!

Have a good night!


MarmiteToasty said...

Sooooooooo.... there was you offering me Steve the bloody shed to stay in and all the time you had the turd parked in your garden...... ok, I get it now lmfao....... ;)


Marcia said...

Well, at least you could see the humorous side of the whole trip.
I love the "turd" too funny.