Sunday, October 19, 2008

::30:: Day 12

Okay, it's time for the blogiversary drawing of random stuff and a Thought Jotter, made by me! See? I remembered!

There were 8 comments (not counting my own) and according to the randomizer thingie at the winner is lucky number 7, Catty Ax Lady, who wrote:

I write *everything* down. Literally. My problem is that I have several (read: about a gazillion) notebooks scattered all through the house, car, even work (and I haven't been there in 6 weeks!!). So I'll note something in my one-of-a-bazillion notebooks, go back to look at it later, completely remember writing it down, and competely forgetting which notebook it's written in!!

So, I am a goddess at writing everything down. I suck at letting it help me.

I already have your address, as I do for most of my extended network of faithful readers, so as soon as I figure out what else to include, a package will be on it's way to you! Congrats! Just what you need! ANOTHER notebook!

In other news, I paid some bills yesterday. Shocking, I know!! But, I am pleased to report that this month, we used 100 kilowatt hours less electricity than the month before! I think part of the reduction is that I have been hanging my laundry out on the line.

Also, we have been sleeping with the windows open and the A/C set to where it doesn't come on in the night. (Attention burglars! We had been sleeping with the windows open at night, but it's too cold now, plus you'd have to get past the Pretty Princess and the Heinous Bitch! Too bad, so sad, bye, bye!)

At any rate, when we moved here, we had to sign a contract with the electric co-op to pay a minimum charge every month for two years to pay them back for the lines they pulled to get the service to your house. This month, I came in about $4 under the minimum, so that's pretty close!

And since I'm still under the tummy weather and haven't felt like doing anything other than sitting on my ever widening bum, I will address some of the comments left on the past couple of posts. Exciting, huh?

MIL is right that I can never explain exactly what is in my homemade mac and cheese. I will say that other than the obvious macaroni and the cheese, there is included milk, plain yogurt, dry mustard, salt, pepper, and butter and flour cooked into a roux. The yogurt adds enough tang that the amount of cheese *can* be reduced, not that it ever happens in this house!

I am sorry Marmy if you thought I was sticking you out in Steve the shed for your visit here when I had a perfectly good RV in the shop building! I just figured an earthy mama like yourself might be more comfortable amongst the yard tools and that the Turd might be wellabit posh! I tell you what, you get your gimpy carcass out here, and I will give you any number of choices for accommodations, okay?


or this

If you don't like either choice, I have some others to offer! Oh, and there are about 4 liters to 1 gallon, so your gas is about $8 a gallon!

I am growing a fall garden, Barb, but it isn't much at the moment! I just have one bed seeded with lettuces and spinach under a row cover. I always burn out on the garden at the end of summer, and then am disappointed when I start craving salad during the cold weather! LOL I guess you "reap what you sow!" And I am still getting the hang of double point needles for knitting socks! They are getting better looking though.

[ Edit: Stud Muffin is such a boy. He wants to know why, if I'm using 4 needles to knit these socks, I'm not knitting both socks at the same time!! Boy!]

About the frog, but he "bit the dust," or was bit by the dog and I don't think it lived. In fact, I think he was dead by the time I retrieved my camera.

So, now we are all caught up!


MarmiteToasty said...

Woooooooooo hooooooooo a doodle that hangs her washing out on the line with pegs to dry..... now thats almost a first, good for you :)

Our petrol has gone down in the last month.... it use to be up as high at $10 a gallon ...... so I'll take the $8 anyday lol.....

Ya know one of these gimpy days Im gonna come out and surprise ya lmfao


Catty Ax Lady said...

w00t w00t!!! I won :) Maybe this will solve my problemo - having one special notebook to write everything down in. I look forward to getting it.

And I love clotheslines. BBM said he'd never have one, ever. I want a T bar line, like we had on the farm growing up. There's not much like the smell of line dried clothes.

Lisa said...

Marmy ~ Now a lot of doodles have clotheslines! I find it very relaxing to hang them up and they dry so fast! You get on over here girl!

Catty ~ Don't hold our breath on the notebook... it's very little (and the sewing is a bit wonky!) I want a T-bar line too, but for now, a couple of retractable lines, hung on a tree so Studly can't see them unless they're in use!