Friday, October 10, 2008

::30:: Day 3

Another wild day in the economy, and as a friend of Stud Muffin says, I think our 401k has shrunk to a 205k! Maybe even a 101k!!

But, on his way to work today, Studly reported that gas at the same station I filled up at just yesterday for $3.11 a gallon, was selling the same gas for $2.98. And on the evening drive, it had dipped to $2.97!! I knew that was coming, but didn't think it would sink 13 cents overnight!!


Nothing much new around the homestead. I put metal tree rings around 4 of the 13 fruit trees this morning, and in the process, upset another ant hill. But the little buggers only got one bite out of me this time!! Ha!


As a follow-up to Sassy's gorging in the neighbor's garden, the good news is that she didn't fart at me all night. The bad news: just as I was brushing my teeth before bed, she threw up the most amazing quantity of "stuff" in 7 different piles!! On my bedroom carpet! Even one pile right behind me as I was cleaning up another pile!

So most of today was spent carpet cleaning. First with the Spot-Bot. Not good enough, so I got out the big guns carpet cleaner and did the whole side of the room again. Still not enough, but better, so tomorrow I will try the Spot-Bot again with some Oxy-Clean in the solution!!


As I waited for the carpet and more clothes on the clothesline to dry, I wasted some of my day playing the new Nancy Drew software game that just came out this week! I think this will be a great game, with lots of puzzles and exploration around an Irish castle.

Dinner was meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I'm now officially out of potatoes, so some shopping is in order. I have also gotten out my cookbook, More -With-Less to re-learn old tricks. I suspect in the coming months, dinners will be more casserole and less roasts, so I better sharpen my skills!!

Have a good night!


MarmiteToasty said...

I dont get the 'meatloaf' thing you doodles always speak of..... is it like where ya get loads of old ladies and gents in homes chewing on tough meat then spitting it out into a bowl then mixing it with herbs and baking it LOL.... nope never got the old meatloaf trick :)

I do a roast at least once a week, usually on a sunday of course..... but have been using me slow cooker much more of late, we LOVE the smell throughout the day of casseroles and things....

The weather has been glorious again here today, I got tons of washing dry on the line... also bought a right proper full size table tennis table which we have been having tournaments all afternoon on :)..... except I have to stand still cos of being a crimple, BUT, I still beat the arses off them lol....

love ya girl......


Lisa said...

Glad you finally had a beautiful day, marmy!! Ah... meatloaf! Basically you have the idea, except for the geezers doing the chewing! Barf! It's minced beef mixed with onions and spices and baked in a loaf pan.

I'll come over for dinner, but I can't play table tennis to save my live!!