Saturday, October 18, 2008

::30:: Day 11

I want to share that just after I made my post yesterday, I tied on an apron to clean up the kitchen. It had be left unattended as we headed out to Mississippi to deliver the Turd to the dealership.

Now, granted, it was much worse than this, but still. As I got to work, Stud Muffin wandered in to get something (and dirty another dish or glass) and looked at his watch. Then he said, "Honey! It's only the 17th of the month, it can't be time for you to clean yet!"


But, considering that it is only the two of us home these days (hi, girls! How's the weather in Reno??), we generate an amazing number of dishes everyday!! Of course, I am cooking much, much more at home and pack Studly a lunch for work almost everyday.

Speaking of more cooking, here is dinner for tonight and dinner another night this week... yummy homemade macaroni and cheese!! (I ate your share, MIL, and you really enjoyed it! Extra creamy and cheesy!)

It looks so good, my hand is shaking with anticipation! Oh, alright! I just take blurry pictures.

Doesn't it look good??

And after:

Aren't you jealous??

Ooh, I meant to tell you that I made the first fire in the fireplace this morning! The temperatures have been dropping overnight, and it was dang cold this morning. It was so good to see those flames and smell that woodsy smoke! Fall is almost here!!

And since the weather has been turning, I have picked up my knitting needles and have started a pair of socks!

But since I only have enough wool for two socks, not four, Nick isn't very impressed!

May we all sleep as peacefully as he does!


Celticspirit said...

So where's the recipe for that mac and cheese? That looks delicious! Those are some nice warm looking socks. How do you like knitting on 4 needles?

MarmiteToasty said...

We love macaroni cheese in this house, I open put brocolli on the bottom and top it with stinkie stilton cheese :)..

Ive never knitted socks but its something I'd like to have a bash at....

Your dog always looks so content and peaceful....


Anonymous said...

MIL here-------oh how I wish I could have some of that macaroni and cheese!!!!! For all you bloggers who read this post I must tell you that Lisa makes the very best M & C. Ever since she and Studly have been married this is ALWAYS the one thing I ask for at their house. If you think it looks good in the picture---it's twice as good to eat!!!!! And just try to get the recipe-she always says "just add this and that"!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa - your sock is so pretty! Does the pattern come from using a special yarn? You are indeed a woman of many talents! I particularly enjoy your pictures. Thank you for taking time to share.
- Daisy

Lisa said...

Daisy, welcome and thanks for the kind words!! This is only the second pair of socks i've knitted and there are still some *oops* spots The yarns does all the striping for me, thank goodness! It's a Paton yarn called Kroy Socks.