Friday, May 22, 2009

Lisa versus the 10 pound chub

Stud Muffin and I went to Sam's Club the other day and amongst other things, were looking for some hamburger patties. Yes, I know I should just buy the meat and form the patties myself, but Studly likes hamburgers a lot. As in frequently. Maybe a couple times a week. And there is a limit to how much I wish to massage the meat, as it were.

Anyway, the store didn't have any packages available of pre-formed patties, so we bought a 10 pound chub instead. The "theory" was that I could just slice patties from this enormous tube of meat.

Yeah, right!

The first slice worked well, as I cut straight through the plastic wrap. From then on... disaster. The dental floss was a non-starter, so I went with a serrated knife and hacked away.

Studly said he knew that I always wanted a ginormous tube-steak. I said I was more interested in cutting the schlong into smaller pieces.

I packaged the patties in sets of two, and kept 3 out to cook for lunch.

In the end, I got 12 packages plus lunch for $18.44 or about $1.50 of meat per meal. Not bad considering.

And it ought to last a good long while. Like maybe until 4th of July!


fullfreezer said...

We used to get the big packs of burger and freeze our own patties as well. I would freeze them on baking sheets until fairly solid then I stacked them between sheets of waxed paper in freezer ziplocks. That way we could take out as many as we needed for that meal. With 5 of us, we would need at least that many but sometimes my hubby wanted 2 or we would have friends over for a cookout. Of course, they didn't last long enough to worry about freezer burn in the bag so I could get away without wrapping them.

MarmiteToasty said...

Wow I have never seen burger meat like that before lol we usually buy our burgers already made...... yours looks like an elephant trunk LOL