Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Red letter Day

Well, I finally finished my application to the radiography program!! Boy, have I been working overtime in my sleep about this one!

I struggled and rewrote and finally came up with a Personal Statement that I think reflects my personality and my goals. So I will either get into this dang program, or secure myself a padded room in the nut house!

But it is done, hand delivered, and out of my hands. Anyone who would like to say a prayer or light a candle or whatever on behalf of my cause, will be greatly appreciated by me.

And now we wait. Wait for the beginning of next month when the applicants who float to the top of the pile are granted an interview with the hospital board. So I have a couple of weeks before I have to start obsessing about that!

Stud Muffin composed a little ditty in honor of the day:

I once had a wife named Lisa,
Who was really quite a piece-a.
She went back to school,
And I'm such a fool,
Cuz I can't get a piece-a Lisa!

But, really the day is all about me!!


Celticspirit said...

Good luck on getting into the program! That poem is quite funny. However I do have to say....poor Stud Muffin. :(

MarmiteToasty said...

Well, I dont 'do' that god bloke, and last time I lit candles the house nearly went up in flames.... so.... I will eat 2 pieces of chocolate cake in stead.....

GOOD LUCK girl....everything crossed for ya..


Lisa said...

Thanks Barb, but don't feel too bad for Studly. He is well taken care of and is hoping I get into the program to look after him in his retirement!

Marmy~ 2 pieces of choco cake should do the trick! If not, I'll be over for a piece myself as consolation!!

Marcia said...

Good luck. I know how difficult it is around here to get in that program. With your sense of humor, you'd have those patients feeling better in no time!