Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stuck in a slump

I seem to be in a bit of a fog these days. I've decided that it is a combination of decompressing from the end of the school year and holding my breath over whether I get into the program or not. I should get a letter next week setting my interview time for the middle of June. Nonetheless, I'm feeling funky and unmotivated. Can't even get interested in crafting or sewing. *Sigh*

But the garden IS feeling motivated, so I will share the progress with you!

The peas have gone bonkers! In fact, for the first time, my clothesline trellis has started to collapse from the weight! Note to self: Next year, plant the peas behind the orchard on a heavy-duty cattle panel, so that I can walk down both sides of the row for picking!

My lone little strawberry. Highly magnified so that it doesn't suffer from a blow to it's self esteem! Gonna pick and eat this tomorrow!

The lettuce patch is pretty much done. I'm not sure what I will replace these with, but it will be something yummy!

Baby zucchinis are growing. If I lived in some fancy-schmancy area of the country, I might pick these while they are really small, and sell them to a fancy-schmancy restaurant for a gazillion dollars as baby vegetables!

The potatoes have been buried up to their necks to promote more spud growth along the stems.

The peaches are getting big, but the endless rain we've had may ruin the quality. I've read that the clear resin-like stuff on the fruit is caused by too much moisture. Sassy found one fallen on the ground and claimed it for herself. She was not amused when I made her give it up! I took it inside and washed it, then cut a piece from it. A little early, but still tasty.

There are only a few gala apples on the trees this year, but

I'm going to have LOTS of pears!!


barefoot gardener said...

How wonderful to have all those beautifull yummies growing! Here's hoping that your "blah's" pass soon....

MarmiteToasty said...

Bloody hell, I cant believe your veggies are that big already, people here are just putting there veggie plants in..... I LOVE courgettes, you doodles need to call them by their proper name and not that silly zucchini word you use LOL

Im keeping me fingers crossed for you placement results in June..... I wont be around next week for a while.... hopefully back by the time you get your results, but we will just have to see...

Ya gotta wash that funk right outta ya hair :)