Monday, May 4, 2009


Sh*tty little birds moved to the back porch and starting building in the light fixture next to the backdoor!! Pictures of my half-*ssed solution as soon as we get enough sunlight to take a decent photo!!

The little buggers tried out the porch ceiling fan, until Stud Muffin turned it on!!

I know it seems mean, what we are doing, but I have 192 acres of perfectly good trees for them to set up housekeeping!! Must they poop all over my house?!? Would they like it if I stuck wallpaper and curtains to their nest with my poo??

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Celticspirit said...

Sorry I don't mean to LOL but it's funny. It's almost like the beavers all over again and I can see you two out there wearing camo and carrying assult rifles and ready, set aim. haha I've been there, done that with the poo everywhere and it's not pleasant.