Monday, May 16, 2011

Do you think...

this gray carpet looks good in my side yard??

I wasn't sure, but I went ahead and laid it all the way around to the front porch.

You like?? I'm thinking... a sofa, a few throw pillows and it will be real purty!

Okay, so it isn't carpet, and by now I was hoping this project would be done and I could show you the fabulous finished effect. This is actually weed barrier that goes down before the mulch to prevent slow down the grass and weeds from growing into the shrub beds.

It's a bit of a pain to put it down around the shrubs, cutting holes for the plant base and tacking the remainder back together, but I am "converting" an existing patch of grass next to the river bed into an extension of the shrub bed, so it's necessary.

I also laid down some left over pavers from another project to get from the bridge to the gate into the backyard.

So how far did I get with the mulching part of this project?? Starting from the far (far, far) corner, past the bridge,

I only got to the bridge before days of rain soaked the lawn. I later hosed the mulch off of the steps so they look better.

And since I am moving massive loads of mulch with the pickup truck, I need to wait until the lawn can handle the weight being driven over it.

I'm beginning to think this project is going to be a bit like painting the Golden Gate Bridge. By the time I get all the the mulch spread around, the first loads will have decomposed and it will be time go back to add another layer!


barefoot gardener said...

But it looks so purty!!! I have mulch envy...

Lisa said...

Sara - I have a whole dump truck of mulch, so you can come on down and get as much as you want!!