Saturday, May 21, 2011

I got me a farm hand!

Today, my friend Dangerous Dana lent me her son to help me around the property. Boy Wonder (not his real name, as his mother knows better than that!) spent half the day with me as my very first farm hand.

There was mulch to move and, more importantly, lots of logs that needed splitting.

As I explained to him, a smart person know when to ask for help, and I AM a smart person (quit sniggering!)

We started with this pile:

Although most of these logs are the right length for the fireplace, this fresh oak weighs a ton! Some pieces took both of us struggling to lift it onto the hydraulic log splitter.

But Boy Wonder was game to work and work hard! We did take breaks for lemonade (provided by Dangerous Dana) and trips around the property on the buggy, but then it was back to work.

This is what is left. Some wouldn't split no matter which way we tried, so those will have to be chopped with an ax or chainsaw.

And my firewood pile has almost doubled!

Thanks Boy Wonder! I couldn't have done it without you! Hope you'll come back and help again. Maybe after a nap for me!


Cheryl said...

See the "boy" continues...hmm...

Cheryl said...

I meant "boy" theme...Time for some coffee!