Friday, May 20, 2011


It's taken almost a month, but the tree guys FINALLY showed up to clean up the storm damage.

At about 7:20, I took the dogs down to open the gate, expecting the guys to show at 8 AM. Good thing I wasn't still wearing my PJs! I wish I had brought my camera to show you the scene but I really wasn't expecting anything worth photographing!

What I found were four cows pressed up to the gate, all peering at my tree crew, who were unloading equipment. (Judging from the cow pies, I think the cows stayed on my property all night!) The dogs charged up to the cows and stood around wiggling and wagging like they were reuniting with long lost friends.. Some protection they are! It was a bit of a challenge getting the gate open, the cows out, and the guys and equipment in, but eventually we sorted it out.

The big red oak tree at the front gate is now chopped into pieces and hauled to the garage.

And the stump stood itself back up and filled the hole that threatened to swallow small children.

The guys removed some trees and trimmed the others around the solar panel that opens the gate. Now the panel will get sun for more than a couple of hours everyday!

The cedar tree is now out of the spring house.

All the remnants were tractored off (oh shut up spell check! That is a real word in my head!) into the woods and tossed down the hill.

The trees at the end of the driveway that always dropped branches in storms are now history!

There was branch wrestling when things got hung up. I bet these guys are great at TPing people's houses in the dead of night.

The biggest problem was just discovered the other day when I mowed the road to the cemetery. One half of a HUGE white oak tree blocked the road right before the cemetery (and the only place to turn around on that road!)

This thing was around 3 feet in diameter! Me and my little chainsaw couldn't even begin to attack this tree. The guys got their saws pinched 3 times trying to bust it up. But they finally were able to dump it off in the woods and gain access to the cemetery again.

And all that was left was a pile of very large, very heavy logs in desperate need of splitting.

But that is a job for tomorrow!

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Cheryl said...

I see how this works...You get bored and order up some tree guys...