Thursday, May 19, 2011

Frickin' Cows!

All I wanted to do was sit quietly and watch the Real Housewives of SomethingOrOther and relax. I caught a blur of dark motion outside the window and assumed it was Dilbert, the neighbor's dog. But wait! That's a dang tall dog!! Oh no... I know what that is!

A pair of cows on the driveway! No, wait! Four cows eating the lawn. And the shrubs.

You've got to be kidding me! Didn't we already do this ?

When I caught them eyeing my vegetable beds, I turned the hose on them and yelled, "Go away, dumb cows!" in my best raving-lunatic voice.

It didn't work. In fact, I think they liked the water! They certainly weren't impressed with me and my attempts to herd them.

I've decided that cows are like cats. They look at you with such distain, and then do whatever they want to. And if they leave, it's cuz they "chose" to, not because of anything you did!

Unless the sight of my jiggly arms flapping in the wind grossed them out!


Anonymous said...

I think Sassy had best get to work herding------isn't that what her job is????

Celticspirit said...

I had to laugh at your last comment because I can relate. I hope the cows left without doing too much damage to your shrubbery and lawn.