Thursday, January 15, 2009


Let me start be saying that this morning I woke up to 17 degree weather! And windy!! And today was my first day at school!

Yes, yes, I had to go to school this morning. In the cold. And the wind. (Now everybody say, "Awww, poor baby!")

I got to school and had to park in the lower parking lot. Then I walked uphill, into the wind. Did I mention it was really cold this morning?? It was somewhere between snot-mask-frozen-on-your-face, and "I think my fingers are snapping off one at a time and littering the sidewalk."

Class was okay. But I did have a couple of "I'm so screwed" moments. Like when the professor said this was a "weed-out" class, and some of us won't survive or when I realized that my first exam is in two weeks. It will cover the first two chapters. It took me a week to get through the first chapter, and the second chapter is chemistry! Shoot!!

Also, I am the oldest student in the class, most of the others are already EMTs or LPNs and no doubt know a ton of anatomy stuff, and I think I may be older than the teacher!

Immediately after the lecture, it was time for the lab session. I think the teacher will be pretty laid back, just like the lecturer.

So we had our first lab, in which we had to calculate limb length as it relates to body height. I was significantly taller than the other girls in my group, but proportionally, I had the shortest arms. So, either all the younger girls are mutants with long arms, or they are so young that they haven't finish growing into their limbs. Like German Shepherds.

I met Practically Grown for a bit of lunch and then headed home. I had been gone for about 5 hours, and in that time, the water pipes in the house had nearly frozen. Just a dribble coming through.

In my online classes, I am batting 0 for 3. Log-ons weren't allowed until 3 PM. One of the classes is having trouble with the website, so I can't log in until tomorrow (maybe.) Another class requires a software package that I don't have. I thought it was online, not something I had to buy. The third class... yeah... I got the wrong book. *Sigh* I think they may have changed texts and I got one from last semester. I wish I could have logged in before I was on campus, so I would have known this WHILE I WAS IN THE BOOKSTORE!

Going back tomorrow to stand in the line at the bookstore.

Photo by kalebdf.

And that, my friends, was my first day at school. Bet you are glad you are NOT me!


Celticspirit said...

I'm sure everything will get straightened out. Good luck in all your classes. As for the frozen water pipes when I lived in MA we had to keep the water in the faucets on a very tiny bit so that it was just barely dripping out. It kept the pipes from freezing.

MarmiteToasty said...

New things do sound a bit scary at first, but also so very exciting, this is gonna be such a great path you are gonna be walking along...

Im excited for ya :)... and with a little envy, but that nice friend envy not that nasty mean jealousy envy......


Lisa said...

Thanks gals for the words of encouragement!

Barb ~ We leave a dribble on at night if it's going to be that cold, but I've never had to do it during the day! Just tonight, well this morning, my "dribble was not running when I got up to use the bathroom. Took a couple of minutes, but I got the flow going again.

barefoot gardener said...

Repeat after me:

"Everything is going to be OK."

Seriously, it will. You are gonna LOVE school.

vegas angie said...

Repeat after me............cheesecake factory.