Sunday, January 18, 2009

Out with a bang!

Well, Practically Grown's visit has come and gone. There was lots of sleeping and resting on her part. I saw a lot of this,

as she played some software games that won't run on her computer at home.

There was also some of this:

Easting. Those of you who know us IRL know that we like to eat.

Other than that, the visit was pretty low key. Mostly it was a chance for her to kick back and relax (while her mother slaves away at schoolwork!)

This morning, however, provided the excitement of the visit. We had to get up at 4:30 o'dark in the morning to drive to the airport, an hour and a half away. We left in total darkness, with Studly driving and Practically in the front seat. I was relegated to the back so Practically wouldn't get car sick. Since I couldn't hear the conversation going on, I did what any mother would do, and went back to sleep!

About a quarter of a mile from the airport exit, there was a very loud *BANG* as the front tire went flat. In the darkness, a large block of wood lurked in the center lane of the freeway for unsuspecting travellers like... well, us!

We pulled over to the side of the freeway as the sun was rising. Then we realized that another car ahead of us had just pulled over too!

This poor guy hit the block and blew both left tires! Since cars only have one spare, at best, this guy needed a flatbed truck to tow him off of the freeway!

We called the auto club and the airline to say that Practically wasn't going to make her flight.

As we waited for the guy to come change the tire in racing traffic, we finally could see what we had hit. And we watched two other cars hit it and many others narrowly miss it. It was like watching HD television! In real time! You could even smell the tire smoke!

Our knight in shining tow truck finally arrived,

and proceeded to change the offending tire with his legs sticking out into the lanes of traffic, idiots zooming by ignorant of the law that says you must pull to the next lane over when approaching a breakdown like this! He's braver than I am, which is why he is changing the tire and not us!

The tire seems fine, but the rim got bent all to heck! This is the INSIDE of the tire!

And yes, this is the same car from this tire disaster! I'm being to think this car is cursed.

So, we eventually got back on the road, but Practically Grown missed her flight by 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the next flight to her connection point was 5 hours later! She had to stay, since it is too far to make the drive back home. We were not happy.

But, after a quiet time on the (boring) farm in the dead of winter, all it took was a lengthy drive into the Big city to stir up a little excitement! Come back soon, Practically Grown! We'll have some more fun, okay?!?


Brenda Jean said...

I just know this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that is going to happen when my boys go to college! I love your pictures and blow by blow description of the trip:)

vegas angie said...

Two words - cheesecake factory. Oh wait, those were my words of wisdom for the last post.

No wisdom this time, just a 'that really sucks.' The one time the airline is on time. Ten minutes is nothing for usual flight delays. But hey, look at it from the bright side, you got to spend more quality time with Practically. (almost called her P.G., but realized how bad that sounded!)

Miss ya, mama!

Celticspirit said...

Well you have to look at the bright side. None of you got hurt. That's really too bad that she missed her flight but she was lucky to get another flight so soon. I hope the rest of your week is a lot better than today.

Lisa said...

Thanks, gals! It kind of shot the whole day and rendered us numb and useless, but "tomorrow is another day!"

Angie ~ I keep hearing those two words in my head, but no cheesecake ever appears at my door! Actually, I'm starting the South Beach diet, so I couldn't eat any of it right now anyway!

I told Practically that I wasn't going to let her leave me again, but all I did was delay her a bit!

MarmiteToasty said...

st glad everyone is safe though...... MMMMmmmmm cheesecake.... you have a shop that just sells cheesecake? dam


vegas angie said...

You'll get cheesecake when you come visit me, sister.

MarmiteToasty said...

ps......... I know why you had a flat.... if you look at the motorway photos.... you're all driving on the wrong side of the road LMFAO