Saturday, January 3, 2009

MIL has sent a message through Stud Muffin that I need to update my blog with a new post. Well, the reason I haven't is that all that work under the house has left me with a stiff neck and shoulder.
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You know, the kind that makes your eyes roll back into head and you suck in your breath sharply. Studly has lovingly said that when I (try to) turn to look at him, I look like Lurch, from the Addams Family.

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Gee, thanks hon! He can say that because he knows he's not gettin' any nooky tonight!

So, I spent the day sitting in my chair after taking a muscle relaxant. I'm such a drug lightweight, I kinda looked like this.


Oh, and I just took another pill. Wait, what? Did you say something?!?


MarmiteToasty said...

All those aches and pains means your getting old LOL........

I think its a quite time of year for many blobbers to...... I aint really posted nuffin.... just trying to make the most of the last few days before I get all the nippers back and next week my new 5 month old baby starts plus its sister plus the other 13 nippers I have until 6pm..... jebus knows when I will even find time now for blobbing..... maybe its a sign LOL

Get muffin to give you a proper massage.... that'll sort ya out :)


barefoot gardener said...

Blogging while stoned is the best!

Sorry you are not feeling well...enjoy the muscle relaxers!

Lisa said...

I agree, Marmy, it's a quiet time for bloggers. I am (mentally) preparing for the start of school in two week, and have Not Quite Grown coming for a visit on Thursday (yeah!)

I can't believe you mind so many children!! You are one heck of a woman!!

Barefoot ~ still hungover a bit today. I guess I don't process drugs (or alcohol) well, so it stays with me. At least this way, I'm just useless, not stoned and useless!

MarmiteToasty said...

I name all me minded nippers :) thats what keeps me going when Ive totally knackered..... im still not back to anywhere near full health, its just I dont say nuffin to anyone no more lol....

so the names I give them keep me going.... I have...

Sprite = mortgage
Jon = electric bill
Ryan = Gas bill

Katies 1, 2 and 3 (yep I have 3 katies lol) are phone bill, and food bills :0

you get the drift right? LOL

I dont want to be doing this no more but I have no choice...


MarmiteToasty said...

but I should consider meself lucky...... I use to also have 14 minded nippers, run a pre-play and own a plant nursery which I worked at 4 evenings a week plus all say saturday and sundays LOL

so I suppose life is easy now LMFAO not..


Anonymous said...

Poor Lurch! I mean...mommy! Well I am coming home in 4 days and I will take care of you and take you to your first day of school :) It's only fair, you did it for me! I love you!

Not Quite Grown (BTW, you don't have much time to establish a new name for me before my birthday! Get working woman!)