Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year's (Eve)

And a happy New Year's Eve to blogland!

It was just about 40 degrees when we got up this morning, with howling winds making it feel much colder. Since the temperatures are set to drop to about 20 tonight, it was time to actually wrap the exposed water pipes with insulation. And since Stud Muffin threw his back out not too long ago, I was elected "installer." Hrumf!

First, you have to don warm work clothes, eye protection (from the fiberglass), gloves, and a mask (in order to rob a bank if you find one under the house!) You also need to cover your hair, unless you enjoy clumps of mud dangling from it as you crawl around and bang your head on the floor joists.

I wore overalls and a sweatshirt on top of thermal underwear, scarf, wool socks and work boots. I started out with eye wear, but it kept fogging up. No mask to be found, so we went with the bandito look and tied a bandana around my face. Thin-ish gloves were procured and similarly discarded. Have you ever tried to unroll duct tape, cut it with scissors and tape insulation, while wearing gloves?? Guess I can cross "surgeon" off of my career list! Aren't I lovely (and happy?)

There are no "before" pictures, because Studly high-tailed it back into the warmth of the house and left me to get to work. So, here is the "after" picture.

For some (unknown) reason, the main water line was brought above ground under the porch, not under the house. It runs along the cinderblock skirting before it turns to head towards the connection under the house. The shiny stuff in the background is the foil-backed insulation. Closer in, running the width of the porch, I also covered the insulation with plastic sheeting, since water gets in through the porch floorboards.

I may never move again! Crawling, squatting, sitting and scooting in about 3 feet of space below the porch floor is just a bit more than I could handle this morning! But the deed is done, and hopefully there will still be running water in the morning!!

Here are my poor (hard) working clothes drying outside.

My boots are so clumped with wet mud! I need to chisel it off, but since I could barely GET them off, that job will have to wait for another day.

And who says I don't know how to dress up nice and partay??


Catty Ax Lady said...

Good Lord woman!! You're better than me, that's for darn sure! What a way to celebrate New Year's Eve...hopefully you can celebrate New Year's Day with a hot shower, eh?

Anonymous said...

S. Muffin here... All the work this morning was ON TOP of the hard work she did yesterday cleaning the inside of the Motor Home with a fine tooth comb AND cleaning the outside (with a bit of help from me). Guess you can see why I married her. She is both hard working and talented. Well, and cute too, without the work clothes and all. Happy New Year Everyone...

Lisa said...

Catty ~ Good to see you're still alive! I keep checking your blog, but... nutin'. I plan on taking many a hot shower to loosen my back!!

Studly ~ You sweet talker, you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is THE most attractive picture of you I have seen since your wedding photos! :-)


Lisa said...

Slightly Younger Sister ~ And you are still a B. R. A. T! LOL

MarmiteToasty said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you my dear friend.....

I now of visions of Muffin sitting in your kitchen sipping tea and munching biscuits and you crawl in the bitter cold working lol

:) love ya


barefoot gardener said...

Maybe we should be calling YOU Studly, huh?

Oh, and 40 degrees is shorts and tee shirt weather around here, darlin... It was -22 the other morning, and I don't even OWN any long undies.

Speaking of which, I gotta get me some....