Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things are afoot

There is something in the wind. (Oh, Nick!! What have you been eating!! Never mind.)

Change is a-comin.

I can't believe it, but soon I will return to the world of...

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my youth?!? No! A student!

Can you believe it?!? The local community college has agreed to take me on, starting next month. Which makes me seriously doubt their sanity, not to mention their intelligence!

It has only been... ahem... 27 years since I went to school. I had to brush the cobwebs and dust off of my transcript. I couldn't even remember some of the classes I took. Made for pretty interesting reading!

{Edit: Stud Muffin wanted me to pop back in and clarify that I do have a college degree, just a dusty one! He's very proud of me! He doesn't have an undergraduate degree, but he got a Master's without it! I'm so proud of him! What a Stud Muffin!}

I'm rather terrified about the whole prospect. I'm pretty sure my math work will look something like this:

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And I will have to take math and science.

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Because I am trying to get into a very competitive program to do this...

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No, no! Not play basketball, silly!! Learn to take X-Rays!!


fullfreezer said...

Congratulations on being accepted! That's great! You will do fine.

barefoot gardener said...


I love the way you broke the news. So funny!

Congrats on going back to school, I am just a little jealous...

I know you'll do well.

Marcia said...

Good for you! With your sense of humor, it will be hard for patients to not be jiggling with laughter when they are suppose to be still....You'll have a great bedside manner.

MarmiteToasty said...

WOooooooooooo Hoooooooooo do you get to carry a school satchel :)

congrats you......... Im jealous LOL


Anonymous said...

Yay Mommy! I'm so proud of you!

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the congrats, gals!

Yes, Marmy, i will probably carry a satchel, but there never as cool as you Brits have! Stud muffin is holding out for the plaid mini skirt and knee high socks! He's going to be waiting a very long time!

If I get into the program, I will get to wear those comfy and oh so fashionable scrubs!

angie said...

Congrats, Lisa!! That's awesome. Any any job where you can wear scrubs is a keeper in my book. When do you start school?

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- love the find x problem. And we won't discuss that x-ray. Ahem LOL. Wow for hubby -- I didn't know you could get a master's without a bachelor's!

Gina said...


(I love all the photos!)

I know you'll do great!