Monday, December 22, 2008

Uh oh!

It's 14 degrees out this morning. (I know this is toasty for many people right now, but for me... yikes!) No snow, but dang cold. In fact, somewhere, we have frozen water pipes!

Photo by Count to Three

No water in the house or Bill's shop. There is water to my studio, which is at the start of the water line, but nowhere else. No toilet flushing, no dish washing, no showers unless you want to run through the cold back into the house from the studio!

Frozen pipes are more than an inconvenience.

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Frozen pipes can cause real damage when they finally thaw and start gushing water. Water in the pipes expands as it freezes and can crack even metal pipes. When it thaws... look out!

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Thankfully, we are home to work on this problem. If you are stupid unlucky enough to have this happen when you aren't around to take care of it, things can get really expensive!

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Update: It's now 4:30 PM and still no water! I have been under the house with an oscillating heater, warmed up one side, then rewrapped the pipe with insulation wrap. The heater is now on the other side of the house (second pipe up from underground) with moving blankets on the porch over to keep the heat in. No Water. It will be a long night.


Celticspirit said...

I hope you figure out why you don't have any water. Yikes to that last picture, I'd hate to come home to that mess.

Lisa said...

Bummer. We had one frozen pipe earlier this week when our cold snap was much colder. Luckily it was only the pipe to our downstairs toilet and it thawed and refroze a couple of times with no damage.

I have at least 18" of snow in my back yard right now. Totally weird for the Pacific Northwest!!!

vegas angie said...

Lisa, the casita will have an opening later this week. You and Studly are welcome.

MarmiteToasty said...

Blimey, you will have to bathe in the creek LMFAO.... we dont really get frozen pipes in our little house but then we dont get it as cold as you, our outside tap did freeze once though, dam I had to come into the house to get water for the rabbits LOL well, when we had rabbits, not that we have anymore cos they all died and we didnt replace them, but if I had replaced them I would of gotten another lop earred rabbit like our hovis that was 12 when he snuffed it LOL

Visions of you carrying bowls of dishes to the beaver dam to wash LOL

I shouldnt laff, but I can cos I aint there with the inconvenience :)