Saturday, December 6, 2008

Preparing for Winter

Well, winter is making itself known around these parts. Most days eventually get to a decent temperature, but then there are ones like yesterday that barely break the freezing mark. No snow yet, but a couple of hard frosts.

I thought, since yesterday had weak sun and a bit of a breeze, that I could still hang my wash on the line and get most of the moisture out of it before I tumbled it in the dryer. I about froze my digits off getting it up there and sadly, the temperature started to plummet as soon as I retreated into the warm house!

Hours later, as the sun was setting I retrieved the laundry, only to find that it had frozen on the line! I had to pry the clothes pins off of the fabric and try to fold the stiff, cold, not-at-all-dry clothes back into the basket! It was too cold to stand about taking pictures, but it wasn't unlike this, except we didn't have snow, and that's not me!

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It also reminds me of the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, "The Long Winter," when Ma hung the laundry out and then ran it back inside stiff as a board to finish drying!

So, anyway, I have been doing a few small DIY projects around the house to prepare it for winter. First up was replacing our cheap thermostat with a programable one. This will help save energy because we won't forget to lower the temperature when we leave the house. Also, it is programmed to start heating about 1/2 hour before we get up, so the house is toasty in the morning!

It was really easy to do, after I got over myself and read the instructions. Very. Carefully. See the Energy Star logo in blue? I'm so proud!!

Next up, and still in progress, are some traverse rods to FINALLY get around to hanging drapes in the living room. This is on the north side of the house, so it really could use some window insulation, but we never use the room, so it wasn't on the top of the list. Besides, privacy isn't an issue, unless one is worried about squirrels peeping in and I am not one.

The drapes themselves will be in at the store on Tuesday. They never seem to have the size I am looking for, but it was worth the wait, because the saleslady gave me 50% off instead of the published 30%! The smaller sizes were priced at the higher discount and she didn't feel that it was right to charge me more. Gotta love it!

I have also been inspecting door and window frames, and calking where necessary. (No Angie, not cocking, caulking to seal joints!) I found quite a leak while working on the curtain rods and am sad at all the heat and air conditioning that has flown out of it!

Other little changes we have made include closing all the drapes and blinds at night to keep the cold at bay. We will see if it has an impact on the electric bill. After being so frickin' smug proud of our energy savings in the fall, the bill jumped way up once the temps dropped. Of course, a recent rate increase hasn't helped!

Thank you all for making gift suggestions for my MIL. So far the list looks like this: Hot 20-year old (guy, I'm assuming,) possibly wearing days-of-the-week thong underpants, and holding dollar bills for the strip club and a bottle of poison in case Marmy's ex-MIL shows up! Way to go guys! You're a big help!!

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Surely, one of these guys would do it, right?? MIL, do you have a preference?!?


Anonymous said...

Oh Honey, I'm too old and tired to teach those young studs anything,(even if I could remember!!!!!) How about we pretend that Christmas is over and get on with planning what to name SigmaKappa girl in February------ok????????!!!!!!!

MarmiteToasty said...

Aint one of those blokes that tickle me fancy LOL

Its like changs laundry in this house this weekend, cos its way to cold to hang me washing out, and me lads wont let me tumbledry their shirts/T-shirts incase they ruin, so they are all hung from the wicker baskets in this middle room LOL

I really should start to think about crimbo LOL.......aint done one single thing towards it yet....


Anonymous said...

Dear Sis,

Call me to complain when the snow on your car from the day before is still on your car in the AM in the GARAGE!

When it is a high of 17 degrees during the day and your water bottles are frozen in the garage at night.

Tonight we are supposed to get 12". You know it is bad when you are eating inside a restaurant and have to grab your food to go b/c of the weather conditions...


vegas angie said...

And that cold and snow nonsense are just two more reasons why you should have stayed in Vegas!! And as for those young men, no thanks. Too young. I like em a little bit older. Maybe a little chest hair. Put a bow tie on Brett Favre and that would be a good look. Even MIL would enjoy that.