Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm sorry

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that I am so boring! I guess there really isn't anything exciting (or otherwise) to tell! I feel a bit like the gal in the picture... except she is young and blond, British, and apparently bored by a cooking magazine, and I'm none of those things!

The mail man keeps churning out textbooks with scary looking exercises for me. Yesterday, I got the lab manual for my Anatomy class. I see that I will have to do rude things with sheep hearts and brains. Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!

I had to take a blood test (yeah! I passed!) to prove that I am immune to Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, otherwise the school won't let me in (or finish registering for classes.) I had Mumps as a kid, and was exposed to Rubella, but who has medical records from childhood?? Certainly not me. Did they even keep records of such things back when dinosaurs walked the Earth??

Anyway, I got the report today and took it up to them. Got registered for my final online class, Physical Science. Now, I come up with the cash for tuition, finish getting my books and get a school ID. How about this one?

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I could blend in and hang with the cool kids!

Stud Muffin hurt his back on Monday, so I have been taking care of him. The injection the nurse gave him had steroids in it, and that made his eyes swell up! Since he can't drive while on the pain meds, I have taken him into work when he needed to get something or meet a client. Meanwhile, I'm just sure that the beavers are building a high rise and hosting loud raucous parties in our absence.

What few Christmas gifts were prepared this year have all been mailed. Studly and I are having a very quiet holiday without either of the girls. They have to work the next day so they can't come home. This will be the first Christmas without them, so it is taking some getting use to.

The weather here has been funky, as suits my mood. We've had rain, some ice, lots of wind and temperatures that can't make up their mind! Today was near 70 degrees, but Sunday night will fall to 8. What's that all about?!?

See? I told you I was boring. And I do apologize. I will try to get into some trouble soon and post about it!


Anonymous said...

Boring can be good. Hang in your PJs with Studly on Christmas. AND eat your mint dobash torte.


MarmiteToasty said...

Me thinks you're far from boring lol....

love the passport photo lmfao... where do you find your great pics?

Hugs to Studly, well not to hard hugs cos of his back..... sorry the girls wont be there for crimbo :( - I know this is probably our last crimbo all together here, so I need to make the most of it.....

Gotta love them beavers LOL....