Saturday, December 27, 2008

The end of the year, as we know it!

What a wild week this has been, weather-wise. On Monday, I was freezing my patootie off with temperatures in the teens, madly shoving electric heaters under the house in order to thaw frozen water pipes.

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See? That's me in the backyard!

Today, Saturday... yeah, it's 72 degrees and I'm running my errands in sandals, airing my toes out for the world to see.

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Like this, except I don't have this many feet. The wind is howling and we will probably get slapped by a tornado later this afternoon.

All I can say is...What the...?

Studly and I awoke to a news report out of Hawaii, that Oahu (the island where Honolulu is, and my home town) was without any electricity.

Photo by Okay, this is New York, but you get the point!

Excuse me?? Does the President-elect know about this?? Wake him up! Oh yeah, he's on Oahu, so give him a flashlight. I sure hope his plans for infrastructure rejuvenation extends all the way to Hawaii!

Christmas is over and the retailers are on heart bypass system. At least on my end, I tried to make as many gifts as possible. Of course, it would've been nice if I remembered to take pictures of them before I sent them out!!

But I can show a few things. Remember this project?

Well, it turned into a knitting/crocheting tote for Almost Grown, complete with matching needle/hook roll, a book on crocheting socks, and some skeins of yarn she left behind when she decided to go to college, get smart, and start a life out of my reach!

And these socks?? They were for her too. She picked out the yarn, but I bet she forgot all about it.

For Not Quite Grown (who turns 21 in February and is demanding a new blog name,) I made a felted wool hat and matching mittens with extra long cuffs to keep her little wrists warm. But no picture *sigh.*

Also no picture for the kitchen cloths that I crochet for her in colors to match her first apartment's color scheme.

There were also mommy-made pillowcases for each girl, a family tradition. Sadly, and repeatedly... no pictures!

Studly got nothing handmade by me, but he did get some new work shirts and shoes, plus some other things I wasn't aware "I" bought for him.

BTW, according to some retailer that was interviewed on the news last night, socks and underwear were the biggest sellers in his store!! Go figure. Talk about "the basics!"

I got a new camera that I am still learning how to use. I made a short video clip of Sassy, but either Blogger or my browser won't let me upload it. I'll keep working on it

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So the year is closing out, and as the ancient curse goes, "May you live in interesting times." I should say so! This past year has been more than interesting!! Freaky, weird, unbelievable, discouraging... all good words to describe this past year. And although I don't think we have hit the bottom of the financial fallout yet, there is (almost) nowhere to go but up!

Here's to a great New Year!

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