Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tis the Season

There is no beaver update this time. Since I hauled the tools down to the creek, it has rained, snuzzed, and generally been too cold to even think about climbing into the creek to annoy rodents. However, since it is December already, I thought we should start with the holiday merry-making!

Vegas Angie sent this to me and insisted that I must put it up here. How well she knows me! In the interest of reuse/recycle, and because I love a good "redneck" picture, here is a pictorial on building the Redneck Christmas Tree!

All photos stolen from notjustjokes.net

Makes you feel all festive inside, doesn't it?? Wish I could make this out of Diet Coke cans, but the colors aren't right. Also, you'll need about 400 cans, so I'll have to invite Celtic Spirit to help me out with the cans, even though she'll deny that she still drinks Diet Coke!

And speaking of Vegas Angie, (well, we were earlier!) she received and opened with my permission, her Christmas gift from me. I made her a covered note pad using this fabric!

Image from quiltknit.com

We know how Angie feels about firemen!! The fabric is called "Ready for Action!" Perfect!

I didn't realize when I ordered the fabric that these guys are HUGE... I mean the images are really tall, like 12 inches each, oh, never mind!! Anyway, I had to come up with a project that would show the entire image, but I forgot to take a picture before I sent it!

Glad you like it, Ang. Try not to drool on it!


angie said...

Like it? I love it!! Can't wait to take it on my next real estate listing appointment!! I was so very excited getting my first Christmas gift. And then for it to be something so special from my special gal pal, made it all the better. Thank you again. And in regards to red diet coke cans: red cans will make a very festive tree too. Go for it. Start guzzling!!

MarmiteToasty said...

Hic hic..... just opening me 18th tin of beer so I can make a start on this tree :)

I finks a diet coke tree would be great all silver and red..... Im starting to save me tins for next year, I kid you not :)


Anonymous said...

I think a red neck christmas tree is right up your ally this year! I, however, am goimg to cut down my very own christmas tree this year! YAY!!!

Not Quite Grown (Who is turning 21 in a little over two months and wants a new name!)

vegas angie said...

I think the blog reader who makes the best redneck Christmas tree should win a prize. Lisa can judge. Or maybe Stud Muff. Either way, I think I'll start saving my gold, caffeine free cans for next year's tree entry.

vegas angie (part 2) said...

Wait, better idea.............green heinekin cans!! If I'm going to drink and be bloated, I may as well have some fun doing it.

Lisa said...

Anyone who wants to make a can tree is welcome to, and I will judge!

Marmy, I'm sure your boys will help you with the tin count!

Angie, you are going to a real head start on this aren't you??

angie said...

Let the drinking begin!! And may the best man win!!