Saturday, November 29, 2008

Success with the Beaver!

I know this will not be the last of the need for dam destruction, but I checked on our handiwork the next day, and I am quite pleased!

Remember when Christina went on her Great Beaver Hunt? She was up to her lace-covered butt hips in water crawling under this fallen log.

Now look at the water level at this same spot!

The pipe we laid is still fully under water and pumping water through the dam. Look how much of the creek bank is now visible!

This was when Christina was hanging on for dear life climbing the listing tree, with a still surface covered in leaves below. This same tree (which will be cut down tomorrow,) is visible above.

Once the water level dropped, more dams were visible in the distance. Tomorrow, barring rain, we will be back out with pitch forks and shovels, taking those down as well. I've already taken another pipe down, in case it's necessary!

A local friend, Debby, told Stud Muffin that people often set a lawn chair out near the dam, with a dummy sitting in it. After a while, the beavers stop worrying about it and then you can take the place of the dummy and fire away!

Studly told her that was a great idea, but he didn't think he could get me to sit in the chair out in the woods for a few nights!



angie said...

Lisa isn't afraid of the dark, Studly. She'll set up camp and wait for those suckers to show their ugly little faces.

MarmiteToasty said...

So........ where will all the little beavers go if you evict them?

And hey, I volunteer to sit in a chair by the dam, I would LOVE to watch the beavers :)