Sunday, November 16, 2008

Enough is enough

That's it!

I've had it!

I am so over the dogs barfing in the house because they keep eating every persimmon in the yard. I'm tired of waking from a sound sleep to the sound of retching, knowing that if I don't "hop to" and clean up a pile of steaming, fermenting fruit vomit, it will stain the carpet and I will spend the next day with the SpotBot.

Tired of Sassy bugging me endlessly to be let into the backyard so she can zoom around looking for more fruit to eat with me chasing after her trying to get to the fruit first. Tired of having my evening punctuated by a big cloud of doggie gas leveling the family room and making the actors on TV hold their noses!

Tired of finding persimmon seeds that have unintentionally ejected themselves from the hind end of a pet littered about the house. (Yeah, that was probably Too Much Information, but I'm just keeping it real here!)

There was no other choice. It had to be done. The persimmon trees (or Squirtwood, as Stud Muffin calls it) HAVE to go.

It's not like the fruit was good for anything. They are only about the size of a "shooter" marble, with flat seeds like bullets. And there were millions of them on each tree. And there are 3 trees in the fenced backyard where the dogs spend time.

So after Sunday morning waffles, we fired up the chainsaw and Studly "did the deed!!" Starting with the little ones and working up to the big, still producing one.

Stud Muffin wanted me to tell you that he sawed and sawed and the big tree didn't fall. Then I pushed on it and it dropped like a stone.

The truth is, he sawed and sawed until his back needed a rest. Holding a heavy, loud chain saw away from your body so you don't accidentally lob off your leg is hard on the back and arms. He told me that he hadn't cut the wedge all the way through, so he had more work to do. I pushed on the trunk and reported that it was still firmly upright. Then it cracked, I jumped, and the tree dropped.

I took a turn with the saw while Stud Muffin loaded the cart.

As expected, fruit went everywhere! I'm pretty sure that we shot persimmons into the next county!!

While Studly threw the tree branches over the fence, I filled bucket after bucket with fruit bound for the dump.

I can't say that I'm sorry to see the trees go. I've got lots more trees. I got a cartload of firewood out of the deal, and hopefully, after another week of ferreting out the hidden persimmons, there will be no more Spotbot-worthy incidents.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh.... Princess is in trouble! I'm sorry my baby caused you to have to chop down some of your trees. But you do have about 5 million more to make up for it :) I love you and my nasty little puppies!

MarmiteToasty said...

tree murderer LMFAO....