Saturday, November 15, 2008

The recession is over!!

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Things are still wet here on Feet First Farm, and getting much colder! But our fortunes are improving!! Before I explain ('cus I know Stud Muffin is curious) I want to share what I made for lunch today!

I read about this Spicy Orange Garlic Shrimp recipe over at The Pioneer Woman, and decided that it would be a great lunch idea for me to try when Stud Muffin was at work. You know, just in case it was a bomb. Besides, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be into it anyway, what with the orange juice in it. So, anyway, here it is.

Now, the recipe calls for Old Bay seasoning, but I didn't know what that was, let alone have any. So, I checked out the internet and made a substitution recipe for the seasoning. Also, the recipe calls for more cayenne pepper than I would want, so I just added a sprinkle.

I was really good!! I'm very pleased with my seasoning substitution but should have let the sauce cook down a little more to get syrupy!

As for my improving fortunes, here is the story:

A while back, I got an email from Chicago Angie, who was also our real estate agent in Las Vegas. {Shameless Plug: If you are looking to buy or sell in Las Vegas, Angie is your gal!} Anyway, Angie received an email (which she attached) from the new owners of our LV house, indicating that they had received a letter from a company trying to refund us some money. Angie sent along the information for me to call and provide a forwarding address to get the money.

I put off calling this company, because, frankly, I was worried that it wasn't a legitimate refund, but rather some sort of a phony offer to sell us something. Eventually, I looked the company up on the internet (gotta love it!) and found that they were for real.

Yesterday, I placed the call. Since I didn't have the actual letter, just the information, I couldn't provide an account number or even the name of the person who had sent it. I spent about 15 minutes talking with 3 different people before we got it all squared away. The final lady I spoke with was so happy that I had persevered so she could clear the refund from her accounts.

I am now eagerly awaiting my refund check (from title insurance or some such thing) in the amount of...... wait for it.....


The recession is over here on the farm!!

I told the lady that if she hurried, I could still get a large Sweet Tea from McDonald's for $1. She suggested that I buy a Lottery ticket instead. I like her idea better than mine!

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Next round of water is on me!!!

Edit: Barb has reminded me that I too am expecting a multi-million dollar deposit into my bank account as my half of an embassy payment from a some country or another. The good times just keep getting better and better!!


Anonymous said...

S. Muffin here... Well what the heck did I go to work for today? You have money!!! Oh, and to confirm the "turning cold" comment--it is sleeting here at work and colder than a well diggers a$$.

Anonymous said...

Those are the refund checks I like to frame and put up...Remember back home when we were kids if you complained to the pay phone operator that you lost your money you would get a refund check for...10 cents!


Celticspirit said...

At least your're getting your fortune. I'm still waiting for my half of the 8 million from Africa. Life is just not fair! ;)

MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVE prawns with a passion........

Dam $1 thats not even enough for a cuppa tea over here....

Im with celtic, Im awaiting my nigerian fortune, today I gave them my bank details and account numbers and the money should be in there by monday..... and I didnt even have to enter a competition, hows that for luck :)


vegas angie!! said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for the plug. Any clients I pick up from your referral will net you not $1, but a whopping $10. Yep, that's right, $10!! Studly may as well just turn in his resignation now!!

And I recommend the $1 lottery ticket too. Wouldn't it be the story of the century if you won some real money with a $1 ticket? That would be very cool.

Stay warm and dry inside with the dogs and S.M., my little friend.