Thursday, November 6, 2008

::30:: Day 30

So, did ya think I would actually post something every day for 30 days?? Yeah, me either! But here we are. Day 30.

And what better a way to spend it than with my sister, Christina. Here she is, waiting with me at the doctor's this morning.

Isn't this a MUCH better look for her than the one I have been rehashing for over a year? Love the longer hair, blonder locks, the fact that having a "boyfriend" has brightened her whole being!!

So off we went to the doctor once I could move enough to get there. A couple of shots and a pain pill prescription later, I'm feeling better. Not great, but I have high hopes for the next few days!

And Christina is on a mission. She wants to hunt the beaver! You know, the one that is damming up my creek and threatening my roads?

Not like this:

Picture by

But like this!! She wants to don hip waders and wander up the creek looking for a 40+ pound rodent with big teeth and enormous tail!

Photo by

We went out to survey the situation, since she hasn't seen it with her own eyes.

As always, the dam is bigger and better than ever. And you can see why we can't just use dynamite on this dam. It's too "damn" close to the wooden bridge that we drive the cart over!

But, we don't have any waders, so we will look tomorrow at the sporting goods store and MAYBE hunt beaver in the afternoon! I can't say I really looking forward to it, but if we can at least find where it lives, that would be something. Then I could run away like a little girl and let my big bad hero do the dirty deed!

Christina is determined that this will be a grand adventure, so I will make the attempt. We returned to the house for a rest.

Christina then decided that if she was going to have this grand adventure and tell everyone she meets that she "hunted beaver," she better look great doing it. So she colored her hair!

'Cus a city girl from California has gotta protect the reputation, even when hunting ginormous wild rodents!


Celticspirit said...

I'm just dying to know...did you get those beavers?

Lisa said...

Haven't gone yet and probably won't while she is here! It rained hard last night, which makes to road up and over to the creek impossible to drive. She s mega-disappointed!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics! But where is one of you?


Anonymous said...

S Muffin here... I feel the need to point out that Christina is very pretty and that that last picture does NOT do her justice. Also, that the girls are out right now trying to find the beaver--so much for too much rain last night Celticspirit. Stay tuned for Lisa's post tonight--it ought to be very interesting!