Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm such a child...

just ask my husband.

While we were out running errands this morning, we stopped by the Petsmart store for dog food. We had previously decided that we would not get the dogs new toys for Christmas.

Yeah, we bought toys anyway. And then, as soon as we got home, the dogs could smell the toys through the bag and got all excited. So we (okay, I... it was all me!) gave them the toys. Merry Christmas, Nick and Sassy!

Nick claimed this toy, since it makes a hedgehog throaty honk/squeak. That made Sassy nuts, and she wasn't interested in the other toy that I bought just for her. She danced around whining for us to get the toy for her, but Nick growled (lovingly, if that's possible) when anyone came near his toy.

Eventually, Sassy distracted Nick and stole the squeaky toy. Then she crawled under the coffee table to better protect the treasure.

That left Nick with the "other" toy. The not-as-exciting toy. The "loser's" toy. And the chasing around for the good toy began in earnest. The only way to distract them (after throwing them outside and having them race for the toy when they got back in) was to ply them with rawhide bones. They go into separate rooms to eat those!

So, I'm a child for buying the toys and then giving them out immediately.

And then there is dinner. At Stud Muffin's request, I made a macaroni and cheese, after he baked an apple pie for Thanksgiving.

Here is the mac and cheese after we ate dinner.

This isn't a very big Pyrex, maybe 6-8 inches across?

Then I NEEDED pie! It was a pie-ial emergency! I had been smelling it as it baked. And I had been cheated out of my piece from the last pie!

So, here is our Thanksgiving pie:

A bigger dish than the macaroni was baked in. Proportionately more gone.

This pie might not make it to Thursday!

So, yeah... I'm a child. And if there were any Christmas gifts wrapped around here with my name on them, I would have opened them by now!


Anonymous said...

Greeaaatttt! Because of the weight I need to ship your Christmas present early on the slow ship...Now that I know you can't even wait for dog toys and pie you will receive your present in like...March!


Anonymous said...

My babies are so cute :)

angie said...

Holidays bring out the child in all of us. Enjoy them, honey!! And have a great Thanksgiving.