Monday, November 3, 2008

::30:: Day 27

The day started out as so many weeding and mulching, the dogs "helping." Sassy dug trenches chasing a frog who, BTW, knows how to "play possum" until she gives up and then it hops away. Nick investigated his domain, and as I was dragging the cart for of weeds to the compost pile, was soaking up the sun on the grass.

Or so I thought.

As Sassy and I approached, it was clear he was hiding something under his paws, and he gave Sassy the evil eye. I went over to see, and found he was chewing on a deer antler! Not a big one, mind you, just a little one. At first I thought it was a stick. I think it was naturally shed and Nick didn't take it off the deer himself!

He was not happy that I took it away (and threw it in the compost pile too!)

Not much else happened around here. I mentioned to Stud Muffin that I "might" clean out the fridge, but, yeah, that didn't happen! I ran errands until I got tired of all the people who have the nerve to be out shopping when I want to.

I decided to try to make Sweet and Sour Chicken for dinner, since there isn't any good Chinese food to be had for about 70 miles of home.

Waiting for word the the Muffin is on his way home.

Isn't this the most interesting shade of orange? Seems to indicate just how sweet this is!

I've never made this recipe, so I'll have to tell you how it works out tomorrow.


My sister, Christina , might being coming out on Wednesday to visit.

She's not usually this serious. She must be having one of her rare thoughts! Or maybe making one of her fabulous jewelry pieces.

Well, actually she is coming out to visit with the land she bought nearby. I happen to be providing transportation and housing. Guess I better excavate the bed under all these linens from the Turd, ya think?

And speaking of the Big Rolling Turd, the repairs are finished, so Stud Muffin and I will drive into Mississippi tomorrow and collect it. I think I might drive the Turd home myself! I'm trying to learn how to "pop a wheelie" with it! Wish me luck!


Oh, and the shoes at the top?? Marmy was showing off her pink shoes, and I wanted to play too!

These are my favorite Sketchers that I got in Paris years ago. I've never seen this style sold in the US. I call them my Kindergarten shoes, cus they seem to be as if I've had them since then. I can just hear the people now, " That poor child! Only 5 years old and already wearing a size 9 shoe. Where do you think her Mom found shoes that big??"

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MarmiteToasty said...

Dam and bugger, I want so hard to not like your pink trainers, BUT I CANT..... I LOVE EM lol....... PPsssttttttttt.. DONT tell anyone..