Friday, January 9, 2009

A visit from a daughter

She's here, everyone!! My second and youngest child has come to visit her parents! Actually, she came to visit the dogs, but they let us live in the house too!

Passing through security at the airport.

After collecting her at the airport, it was time for food, and so a stop at Bahama Breeze was in order on our way home.

No, you don't have any food in your teeth!

After I took that picture, she called me a dweeb and I had to put the camera away!

This morning, I got up and had some produce bag sewing to do. After weeks of no orders at all, I got two last night! It took me about two hours to complete them, and then I let the dogs in to wake Practically Grown (the artist formerly know as Not Quite Grown!) We headed out and met Stud Muffin at his office for some Subway sandwich lunch.

Practically and Studly at his place of business.

We puttered around with a few errands, then returned home. The mailman had left a small square box from Christina for me. I cracked it open with curiosity, since I wasn't expecting anything from her. Out popped...

A beaver in the box!! Bwahaha! Christina wants everyone to know she finally found the beaver!!

I think I'll name this beaver...umm... Christina!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty pictures! And I am not referring to studly!


MarmiteToasty said...

Your girl is gorgeous....... one of me lads has just said that over me shoulder LOL....

LMFAO@the beaver.... I dont think Ive ever seen a beaver soft toy before.... dam, not I will have to hunt one down lol.....

sorry I aint been around up to me eyes in red-tape and policies and contracts and and and a screaming new baby LOL.....

know you are loved..


Lisa said...

Oh, MYS, I'm sure you must be referring to Studly!! He's the cutest of us all!

Marmy~ So just which one of your lads is eyeing my girl?? I think Christina said she got Christina the Beaver at IKEA, if you have access to one (I don't :( )

Pop by whenever your eyes clear up!

vegas angie said...

hey Lisa, you must be having fun with your youngest (i forget her 'handle' since we haven't heard from you. not to rub it in, but i had lunch yesterday at the cheesecake factory. i did not, however, have cheesecake PRIOR to eating my lunch like we did. my lunch mate was not half as much fun as you!!

When ya coming back? I miss ya.

Judy said...

Just found your blog -- love the pics of your garden :-)

I also have 1 "grown" kid, a son who's 22. It's hard to see then grow up and move away from home. But very nice when they come back home for a visit!