Monday, January 26, 2009

Trying to find Balance

That elusive Balance. Not too much of one thing, and enough of the others. I am working on it. I have gotten over the worst of the panic attacks about school, and have gotten down to the business of learning.

Everyday, I feel a bit more in control of my To Do list. I am managing to study a bit, then sweep up enough dog hair to build another dog.

Then I take a test or submit a homework exercise online, and go run some laundry. Everyday gets a bit better, a little bit easier.

Of course, dinner keeps sneaking up on me. Where do the hours go when I'm studying?!?

Oh, and the pictures of the dogs? Well, it was time to fill the dog food bin with forty pounds of kibble. It is always a big deal for the dogs because they get to snarfle the kibble that falls onto the floor or won't fit into the bin.

Recently, however, Nick has decided that sticking his whole head into the food stream is THE BEST! He eats as much as he can get while the bin is filling. Sassy usually gets in there too, but this time Nick blocked her, until the food was bouncing off of his head and within her reach!

Good time, good times!


fullfreezer said...

I think true balance is a myth. I tend to live more like the guy who spins plates at the circus. The plate isn't really balanced- it's just continually falling off in a different direction so it stays up. I feel like that many days- falling off in too many directions.
Hang in there

Brenda Jean said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. It's hard to maintain balance for me too, and I'm not taking classes!

I love the dogs!

MarmiteToasty said...

Im trying to not only balance but juggle to LOL....... now if only work didnt get in the dam bloody way lol

Your dogs are like hoovers lol