Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow in the South

This post was written on Thursday, but the weather and Blogger conspired to keep me from uploading it. Arg!

I know this wouldn't impress anyone up North, but snow is a big deal here in the South. I took the dogs out yesterday at 4;30 AM and it was raining cats and dogs. Two and a half hours later, this is what I woke up to.

Actually, the entire roadway was 2 or 3 inches deep in snow when I first got up, but I sure wasn't going outside before I had even started my coffee.

Today, I had my first big Anatomy exam. When I was on campus on Tuesday, about half of the class was absent. Many of them had been iced in at home. There was some concern about whether the campus was going to be open today. In the end, they just delayed all classes for an hour.

I just knew that some number of students were going to show up and not remember the exam. Sure enough, at least three had a stricken look when they entered and saw the test papers being passed out!

The garden has taken a hit with the weather too.

Oh, the snow covered beds are just fine, but the lettuce I had growing under this row cover has probably frozen beyond recovery. I tried to peek at them, but the fabric cover was frozen stiff too!

I think I did okay on the test. At least I knew it was coming! {Update: I got 106 points out of 100! Not sure how, since there was no extra credit. Something about a "curve?"}

But Studly seems to have given me his nasty cold. So I will sit at home for the next few days, feeling miserable, and working on Math and Physical Science assignments!

And enjoying the last little pockets of snow hidden in the shadows.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your score! Very well done, indeed! - Daisy in Arizona

Lisa said...

Thanks Daisy! I asked and found out that the scores were so low, she put another 10 points into the curve. My actual score was 96, and I'll take it gladly!!

Then I followed up by taking an online Math test while feeling sick and missed some fine details. Didn't do as well as I should/could have! :(

barefoot gardener said...

Glad to hear that your Anatomy test went so well! I knew you could do it.

Kick Studly in the hinder for making you need to be able to go out and enjoy that pretty snow

barefoot gardener said...

I have an award for you....