Thursday, August 14, 2008

And then the Mama Bear said...

"Who's been digging in MY beds?"

Somebody has been digging where I laid fresh mulch!

AND, they peeled back the cardboard I so carefully pieced together!

It's not moles, voles, or gophers. It might be a raccoon, but mostly likely the culprit is the Nasty Nocturnal Armadillo looking for bugs, worms, or a hot new girlfriend. Bastard!! So, now Stud Muffin will have to sit on the porch after dark, with a pistol and eliminate the critter that doesn't have the good sense to go digging where I need holes and turned over soil.

BTW, did you know that if you try to grab an armadillo by the tail, it will jump straight up in the air and shriek like a little girl?? Don't ask me how I know.

Since I was out taking pictures of the 'dillo damage, I thought I would give a garden update (sort of.)

Yesterday, I decided to pick the apples, before the birds and worms got them, or Sassy learned how to climb trees for snacks.

This is one of the Gala apple trees, first thing in the morning. The overloaded branches are being held up by all manner of homemade, goofball contraptions to keep them from breaking.

Undesirables go to my helpers. Sassy knows exactly what to do with them, but poor Nick isn't quite sure.

Nick, are you making a face?!?

Once I took a bite out of it and offered it to him, he got the idea.

We got a nice basket full of apples and now I have to figure out what to do with them!! Most of them have a spot or bump and probably won't keep very long. Got to bottle them up!

Red Galas on the bottom, greenish Fujis on top.

Now I don't need the branch supports! I left one little apple on the tree because, "One wants a bit of color!"

I've cleaned up the raised beds, weeded them and removed the spent tomatoes.

The recently planted pickling cucumbers are already producing. Just a couple of cukes at a time, so I will probably have to pickle them one jar at a time too!

The new bush beans are up and running. I forgot to plant these in the spring, so I'm hoping for a fall crop instead!

The mulching continues... ad nauseum. As in I'm sick of it. Barf.

And what would a post be without a few more canine friends. Okay, how about...

Toile Poodle! Get it?? Toile... Toy... Toile Poodle? No?

Alright then, may I introduce...

Balle-wiener!! Got to love the little ballet shoes!

I think I need to have my meds changed!! Or maybe I should just spend the night plotting how to eliminate an armadillo, kinda like on Caddyshack.


Anonymous said...

My babies! I love how my baby boy has to watch you first before he will eat the apple! Thats my wimp! I love you mommy!

MarmiteToasty said...

Yeah right, next you will be telling us it was the bloody Aardvarks LOL..... dam those whatevers that have dug you up....want me to come and stand shotgun patrol? :)

what do you do with your apples? do you store them? bake and then freeze them? what?

your dogs eating apples is just so funny........

Your sewing still amazes me..... Ive been flitting around some 'craft' blobs.... I love them...jebus there are some talented people out there.......

Was out ALL day yesterday.... first time since before April.... It almost killed me lmfao.... today Im paying for it LMFAO....

So might have a quiet LOL day here whilst the minded nippers play, I might read me OTHER new quilting book that came whilst I was out yesterday :)

love ya x

Lisa said...

Sigma ~ Yeah, next Nick will be having me cut his apples into slices for him... and peeling it, coring it, etc!

Marmy ~ Okay, I was going to say that it was Big Foot causing the damage, but I didn't think you'd buy that! The little bugger was at it again last night, but I think i hear him just after I turned the lights out, so tonight, I'm going to try and trick him!! And yes, you can sit shotgun patrol with me if you want!!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Oh your poor mulch!! That would make me insane, and I'd never want to mulch again. Of course, I don't mulch in the first place, so I guess it's not a problem.

I LOVE the that just your all-around garden basket? Last time it was holding some squash, no? Where ya gonna store these the utility closet? ;)

Your pups are so adorable (live and sewn). But I have to admit...Toile Poodle scared me just a tad...

Anonymous said...


I want you to post a picture of the armadillo dead or alive...

Much younger Sis

MarmiteToasty said...

Went back to the sewing shop today lol.... on me own.... kept going back and back to the sewing machine.... last week I did the same, but bought pins LOL..... well, Im not the owner of a lovely nice expensive ($36) pair of scissors LMFAO.....

Why am I finding it so difficult just to buy the dam sewing machine, its on offer at only $240.... I expect next week I will go back and by a chalk pencil LMFAO



MarmiteToasty said...



Lisa said...

Catty! Actually I have two of these all-round garden/laundry baskets! The other one is still full of squash in the closet. These apples are going to have to be processed. I bit the bullet today and ordered a food dehydrator (don't tell Studly!) I love dried apples! I will also bottle some up in chunks to use for cobblers and such. yeah, the poodle kinda scares me too!

Somewhat (ahem) younger Sis ~ I will box the critter up as soon as I catch him and send him your way!!

Marmy!! Buy the bloody machine already!! How are you going to quilt... by hand? I don't think so! Plus you can make matching outfits for yer boys and I know they'll love that!! Oh and get the chalk too!