Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just 'cause

As usual, I don't have much to say today. All the same whines still apply, in fact, they are becoming a bit of a mantra. Hot. Humid. More hot. Sticky. Steamy. Feeling like a slug.

But progress is being made, slowly on the whole weeding, cardboard, mulch project.

Here is the studio walkway earlier:

Here it is today after my efforts:

Yeah. I know I didn't take the photos from the same angle, but I'm getting old and I forget things that aren't covered in chocolate. The brick is holding a soaker hose in place so I can moisten the ground and trench in the metal edging. But it's looking better, right?!?

The dogs are outside helping me when I work, but which I mean that Nick runs off and does whatever boy dogs do, and Sassy sticks closer to me. Sassy has made a habit of searching under the apple trees for fallen fruit, but I wouldn't put it past her to swipe one right off of the tree!

Sassy is not one for sharing, but can eat and show Nick her grill at the same time! He wisely finds a bug to chase.

Stud Muffin was hard at work this weekend, while I was feeling more like a slug.

Mowing the orchard and beyond can rattle your teeth out, so I was just as glad to let Studly do it this time!

And lastly, I finished a custom apron for an Etsy client. She sent me the material and I put it together.

So there you are. Another round of SSDD (Same Sh*t Different Day>) Thanks for stopping in!


Catty Ax Lady said... want smart-@ss? I got it right here for ya...if you're covering the ground with cardboard, and weeds can't grow through it (or at least take a long time to grow through it), why do you have to weed first before you lay the cardboard down? Wouldn't just laying the cardboard over the existing weeds kill them? Might save a step...then again, I can't remember the last time I pulled weeds from anything (probably why I didn't do a garden this year), so I'm not a good one to comment.

The landscaping looks wonderful hon. Sorry about the heat. We had a cool front come in last dropped about 12 degrees in a coupla hours while we were inside a dying-a-slow-death-mall looking for maternity pants. It was still hot a humid today, but not near as bad as it's been.

Lisa said...

Thanks, Catty, I was in short supply of smart-@ss lately!! Yes, theoretically, you could just put the cardboard down, but my weeds are so tall (even the grass!) that the cardboard won't stay down!!

Plus, the grass is Bermuda grass which invades everything, so I am applying a specialized grass killer AFTER I pull to kill off the rhiozomes.

You need the cool more than I do in your current (unphotographed and unshared) state. And thanks for the anniversary wishes! From you mouth to God's ears!!

Anonymous said...

S. Muffin here... Hi Catty Ax Lady. OK, here is the deal with the weeds; We waited SOOOOO long to pull the weeds that they are now any where from 6-8 inches to about 20 feet tall. Well maybe not really 20 feet, but pretty darn tall anyway. No way could you put card board on top of these monster weeds. I mean, these are the Superman of weeds. So, they have to be pulled first or the card board would be way up in the air. Hope that help explains the extra work.

PS. Thanks for the Anniversary card. That was sweet of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis,

Just wanted to prove to you that I am reading your blog.

For everyone else...I am the MUCH younger sis...

MarmiteToasty said...

I reckon you should just concrete the whole lot over and be done with it, and paint pretty flowers on the concrete :).... ok ok, only trying to help ya know lol....

Its looking good..... you have your own shed for your crafts? OH MY...... I cant imagine living somewhere where the heat was just so draining..... it was hard enough aclimatizing to the heat in Maine last summer LOL us Brits dont do heat to well..... if I lived where you live I would spend me life naked and knowing my luck I would be arrested and thrown in the slammer lol do they have AC in the slammer?.......

Guess what?........ Im thinking of buy a sewing machine this weekend...... I dont know WHAT FOR cos I there is so much to do around here lol and I aint got me knitting machine out for years...... its just this urge I have..... dont know if I will follow me urge...... cos its like a pizza urge.... ya follow the urge then regret it lol.....

Did tarty love her winnings? lmfao hahahahah that last comment section was just soooooooo funny :)

We aint had much of a summer here, its been shit weather for over a fortnight now, and again to day is overcast, but at least the sun is out in snippets today.....


Anonymous said...

My baby girl DOESN'T share food, toys, loves, snuggles, pillows, or compliments. I trained her well :)