Friday, August 29, 2008

How to waste time

If you are a blog writer, and you want to waste some time today, hop on over to Wordle and have some fun. There, you can find out what words you use most frequently on your blog and display them like this:

Okay, I could read this better on the Wordle site!

I learned about this on Lisa Lam's blog as well as instruction on how to take a screen shot of the results!

Don't you just love the words on mine... like underpants (*snort*) and Stud (*giggle*)???

Try it for yourself!


Catty Ax Lady said...

Reburied? Dry-wallers? Sexual? Kill? Boatloads? I'm loving it!!

Lisa said...

I just now saw "just enough tomatoes today!" Sums up my gardening lately!

Penny said...

Dang it Lisa! I tried to waste time with this but I cannot get it to work! My computer is blocking something or other. I decided I'd just have to go through and tally all the words in my archives myself. I'll post my own dang wordle sometime in the next say, lifetime? Love yours though!

Celticspirit said...

That's pretty neat! I can't get it to work either. It said I need to download some Java machine and I can't get it to load on this computer.

Lisa said...

Penny and Barb... can you not even use the site to play with your blogs, or can't you save the results?

Well, anyway, you managed to waste some time TRYING to make it work!!