Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Limerick with kitchen update

There once was a girl from Nantucket. Okay, not really, but work with me.

There once was a girl from Nantucket,

who pulled more weeds than fit in her bucket.

Now she's tired and sore,

Finally, with Stud Muffin's help

'cause there's so many more,

Token fire ant hill to "fire" things up!

So today she said, " The weeds can just go f*ck it!"

Photo by Photo Gallery. Duh, not really me!

The End.


This same little girl from Nantucket,

got her brain stuck in a sprocket.

Her *ss was so tired,

a maid she must hire,

and to the kitchen she also said, "F*ck it!"

Thank you... I'll be here (in my recliner) all week!! Good Night!


Your friend and mine, Angie said...

To my dear little friend,
with the work that won't end,
When it happens to me,
I'm off to Cheesecake Factory.

So hop on a plane,
and get out of the rain,
To the weeds and Muff you will say goodbye,
to come to Vegas, where I will buy you pie!!

Celticspirit said...

I'm tired just looking at your blog! Here is my advice....drink some diet coke, eat some chocolate and take a nap...not necessarily in that order.

MarmiteToasty said...

LOL@you.... That is my attitude this week... well not completely cos I still have a couple that depend on me for somethings...

Think you should just concrete your garden over and plant in pots LOL... joking...

Wish my lot would bugger off for a week and just leave me in the house on me own to do as I want :)...

Still no summer here, heavy rain again today.... school back in 2 and a bit weeks and no long summer days here to remember, just rain and overcast... dont look like we will get away next week due to

Sam being in a car crash the night before last AND getting 3rd degree burns on his forearm and chin last Monday..


Tom catching his hand in the angle grinder at work and amost severing his thumb..


Jacob coming off the half pipe at the skatepark and headbutting the edge and splitting his head open and taking the skin off his back..

oh joy what a happy week trying to fit in their hospital trips with my 3 trips and sams stay in hospital....

:).... yep, its never quiet here LOL - dam I so need a break before I really do go insane lol


Lisa said...

Angie ~ One week from tomorrow, baby!! Nice poem, BTW.

Barb ~ Don't you just know it. I think the order will be : eat chocolate, sip Diet Coke, take nap. Wake up, rinse and repeat!

Marmy!! OMG!!

angie said...

This message is for marmitetoasty...........holy crap! I think you need Cheesecake Factory in Vegas, too!! You have your hands full, woman.