Monday, August 4, 2008

Give it Away!

Thanks to all the smart-@sses who entered my little giveaway for the cathedral, stained glass quilty thing! It's really not as bad as you all think!! Especially, if you take the doily off and blow your nose in it!

So, the number randomizer picked Lisa, the Tarty Tardy Homemaker!

So, Lisa, please send me your snail mail address at LisaAlso AT aol DOT com, unless you feel the same as Marmy, Penny, and my MIL. In which case, it will be taken to another thrift shop far far away, under the cover of darkness!

I know I have your address already... somewhere, but I don't know where!

And MIL. Just be thankful I didn't name my blog like the one I just found recently... "My Mother in Law is a troll!"

Thanks for the anniversary wishes, everyone!

Edit: Based on all the comments of relief at NOT winning this, I am commissioning someone to make a few duplicates to send to those of you who know who you are!! Nah!


Penny said...

Praise God Lisa won!!! Hmmm, maybe it would make a great bloggy white elephant gift!!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Well I didn't want to win, but only because I'd already received something from you, and because I really don't like purple either. But congrats to Lisa!!

And Happy Anny to you, Mr and Mrs Stud Muffin!! He'd better be treating you like a queen today (and every other day, but especially today!)

MarmiteToasty said...

WOOOOO HOOOOOO fank the holy heavens above that I didnt win LMFAO...... hahahaha

*cough* I hope Tarty whoever gets years and years off enjoyment from the crappy bit of tat ;)

Still bloody raining here AGAIN today, did someone forget to tell whothehellever that is bleedin SUMMER.....


Lisa said...

Penny ~ Maybe we should make this a white elephant gift!

Catty ~ It's actually blue but whatever!

Marmy ~ Just so you know, I asked the random thingy for 2 numbers. You know, in case yours came up first. Yours actually came up as the second number... so if Lisa hates it... it might just be coming your way anyhow!! Bwahahaha!

Lisa said...

While I must say that I'm not thrilled to have won, I think I will take it because sometimes pictures do a great injustice to true appearance. So, I figure that if I don't like it I can always give it to someone I don't care for as a gift, right?

MarmiteToasty said...

LMRSSO@ lisa's 'While I must say that I'm not thrilled to have won' - I just snorted me tea out me nose when I read that funny..

second, wht? and I dont win nuffin for second lol hahahahahaha


Anonymous said...

I never win anything :( Oh, well! I love you mommy! Put more pictures of my babies up!

Not Quite Grown

Celticspirit said...

Congrats to the winner of the lovely star doily thing! Also...belated happy anniversary!