Friday, August 22, 2008

My Lucky Day

So, it's 5:30ish, and I'm blasting around the kitchen making corn muffins to go with the BBQ chicken legs for dinner. I am expecting to hear (by phone) from Stud Muffin at any time telling me he's on his way home from work.

The dry-wallers have come and gone to add (yet) another layer of mud to the wall cracks, the laundry has been brought in from the line, and the dogs have been fed and run around outside. Nick has caught a vole or something and had barked at it (and thrown it around) until it chose to die.

Suddenly, the dogs start whining and barking and running from window to window. Studly home without calling? No. Neighbor dogs trotting up the drive? No.

Oh, sh*t! Maybe it's the UPS man with my Amazon order!!!

Photo by kroo2u.

Now, normally, this wouldn't be a problem. In fact, I would be running down the drive flapping my apron at the guy until he stops and hands out a package for moi.

But today, after a long day of weeding and errand running, I am not fit to be seen by Mr. UPS. You see, I'm coloring my hair, wearing an old button down shirt of Studly's, underpants, and flip-flops! I have goo in my hair, my butt is hanging out under the shirt, showing the world my tidy-whities, and now I think someone is coming up the drive!!

Photo by khaybe.

But, today is my lucky day, because there was no UPS man or anyone else arriving at my door! Instead, the dogs were barking at birds, or bugs, or trying to distract me so they could steal the corn muffins.



Celticspirit said...

Haha! I can relate to that. I heard a knock at the door the other day. In this house, there's no way of seeing who it is without opening the door. So I'm wearing this old lady type robe thing and my hair is all messy. I open the door and it's the landlord dropping something off for Russell. Boy was that embarassing!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh poor mommy. I guess it really was a lucky day, huh? Maybe you could dye my hair while we're in Vegas?!?! I AM SO EXCITED, btw! I love you mucho and I'll see you so soon :-)


PS. The deleted post was me too. In it I asked you to die my hair instead of dye it. I thought that would be a little embarrassing. AG graduated from college and doesn't know which is the right word :-/

Anonymous said...


Nothing "choses" to die on your property!

I want to go to Vegas...Oh, no I am in the middle of the entertainment of one starting middle school...What is Vegas???

Much younger sister

MarmiteToasty said...

WHAT? you wasted a fed vole? dam girl, dont you know you can make bloody good pies from those? :)

I love those bumming around skank days LOL


MarmiteToasty said...

fed is knacked type for dead lmfao wtf!!


Brenda Jean said...

It never fails when I am sweaty, dirty and my hands muddy because I forgot to put on gardening gloves-- oh and my hair looks like a rat's nest--a neighbor will pull in with a question. I swear-- they all think I'm just a messy, sweaty chick who has no clean clothing.

Anonymous said...

new blog please!!!!!!