Thursday, August 7, 2008

Small shop update

With the rain today, I've had time to add some bulk food bag sets as well as a new size, mini, food bag to the shop.

Yes, that's a lemon!

Edit for Christina's benefit: Yes, the little bag is for herbs or other ingredients that are only needed in small amounts.

Still trying to earn enough money for a greenhouse!! Well, and sewing keeps me off the streets and out of jail, so it's all good!

Check out my sister, Christina's Etsy shop for some fabulous new forged necklaces and some new art quilts!!


Anonymous said...

boy aren't you the best! Love the link to my shop and love the new food bags, why is that one soooooo small? To buy dried herbs????????? Personally I like my bags big. LMAO Christina

Anonymous said...

Like the ones under my eyes after a night of work!

Anonymous said...

Nothing keeps you off the streets! I get people calling me ALL the time telling me that you are yelling rude things at them as you walk by.

I love you mommy :)

Lisa said...

Those teeny bags are a great thing for small stuff!